Canada’s Health minister Patty Hajdu has asked Canadians to strictly comply and take the self-isolation and social distancing recommendations very seriously else the government will take stronger measures. Here are some of excerpts of Health Ministers warning.

I think I had some pretty strong words yesterday, and I would stand by those words I would say that people need to take this seriously, that various different levels of government have various different quarantine acts and measures what that could include up to and including financial monetary penalties and in some cases arrest.

She says, “provinces and territories and the federal government will be using the tools that they have to ensure that people comply. What we would like to see obviously is Canadians to comply willingly in the spirit of generosity towards their citizens. “Furthermore she said, “we understand this is hard for people to understand who are in an area where maybe they don’t have even one case yet, but people need to understand that the what protects them from having one case is the behaviorists are choosing today. So I mentioned walking outside and you mentioned being outside and in various different settings. We’re not saying that people shouldn’t go outside, unless they are symptomatic if people are symptomatic, they have to stay in their house and stay in the room, and not interact with other healthy people or asymptomatic people, that is all cases, all the time, there is no exceptions. If people are not symptomatic and are feeling fine, it is safe to go outside, but even then, they should be practicing, maybe we should be calling it physical distancing staying six feet away from people making sure that you’re not crowding people, you know, I heard reports of people walking on the seawall for example in Vancouver last yesterday, but I think every, every region and every province has having examples of this. This is very serious and just because you’re not feeling the illness or you don’t have necessarily in your community even one case, what we’re trying to do so diligently together at all levels of government is prevent this disease from spreading towards other communities and everybody has a part to play in that. So, you know, I will reiterate what I said it is essential that people are following the advice of public health and the advice is getting stronger and stronger with that stronger advice will becoming we’re becoming more and more penalties that people don’t listen.”

The Virus has infected close to 1500 people in Canada till now 69 Deaths reported so far. Close to 90 thousand people have been tested so far.