Canadian Buying property in Maui, Hawaii

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Real Estate buying in the USA has always enticed Canadians who consider the US as their second home. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians own property al over the US as an investment alternative or as a sunny retreat to get away from harsh and tough winters. Moreover, with the current unprecedented surge in the Canadian Real estate market, Canadians see great value in purchasing U.S. property. A strong U.S. economy means stable housing prices and steady long-term appreciation, so Canadians feel secure making a real estate purchase. Maui a world-famous island,  is fast becoming a popular destination of investors for Canadians. Maui County is unique in Hawaii. It is the only County that can boast three very different and special islands, each of which offers its own set of one-of-a-kind experiences for seasoned travelers as well as first-time visitors. The Islands of Maui Nui are more than sand and surf destinations. Myriad amenities including world-class resorts, award-winning cuisine, stunning natural beauty, a plethora of activities and the islands’ host Hawaiian culture have propelled Maui into the limelight. Investment wise, it’s not just American buyers who purchase the slice of this Hawaiian paradise but foreign buyers too are pouring billions into the lucrative Hawaiian housing market.

Why Purchase home in Maui

Of all the Hawaiian Islands Maui boasts possibly the best mix of postcard-worthy beaches, natural wonders and modern amenities. Over 3 million visitors visited the island in 2019 to explore its beautiful beaches, activities, and natural wonders.

Kehalani is a master-planned community of 2,400 residences (homes, townhomes, duplexes, and condominiums) Sprawling over 550 acres located immediately south of Wailuku.


It is one of two master-planned communities in Central Maui. Kehalani spans both sides of the Honoapi’ilani Hwy/High St. Bike paths and sidewalks are located all throughout Kehalani and conveniently intersect small pocket parks as well as a 13-acre community park with restrooms and large parking. Kehalani continues to be one of the strongest and hottest investment property locations in Maui, with a master-planned vision aimed to incorporate the best that the Wailuku landscape. Depending on the location within Kehalani, Homes and Condos for sale in Kehalani, can have the potential for spectacular ocean views of North Maui, or views of South Maui or even Bi-Coastal views. Because of the slope and elevation of the land, views from many of these homes are stunning.  Many have unobstructed views of the harbor; others have obstructed ocean views but great mountain views. Kehalani offers one of the best climate zones in Central Maui and it’s elevation of up to 800 ft makes it a perfect location for living. You can explore amazing and unique style Kehalani Homes For Sale here.  There are always some challenges when you’re trying to buy, sell, manage or simply own real estate from another part of the world. Therefore it is recommended that you should always hire a knowledgeable and an experienced realtor who knows the area and demographics well and one who can make your real estate transaction smooth and seamless.