Causes of a Windshield Crack and How to Stop it from Spreading?

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    Have you ever experienced an unexpected crack on your car windshield while driving on a road? That experience can be very unpleasant and dangerous as it can increase the chances of fatal injuries in a road accident. Windshield cracks can occur due to numerous different reasons but here are some of the top five reasons why windshield cracks appear:

    Top five reasons why windshield cracks appear.

    1. Extreme temperature Shift: The most common reason why crack can appear in your car’s windshield is due to extreme temperature shifts. Winters in Canada are freezing cold and the temperatures can go as low as -30 degrees celsius. Some people like to pour hot water on their windshields to de-ice them which can result in cracking your car’s windshield. 
    2. Pressure: Sudden pressure changes and altitude changes can result in small cracks or can weaken your windshield. 
    3. Hitting Animals: If you live in British Columbia, Canada, you know you can find animals on every major highway. According to a survey by drivesmartbc, an average of 4 humans die in British Columbia alone in car accidents involving animals. In 2019, ICBC reported that $41 million in claims were costs annually in relation to motor vehicle accidents that involve animals. 
    1. Poor Installation: Installing a windshield requires a lot of skill and it is not a DIY project. Improper installation can result in vibrations in the windshield which can result in damage or cracks in the glass. 

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    1. Small Stone Particles: You are on a highway, the car ahead of you is going at 150Km/hr and suddenly a small stone particle comes towards your car and breaks your whole windshield. That happens a lot of times and it is one of the common reasons why the glass of your car breaks. So drive slowly and maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you. 

    How to prevent a windshield crack from spreading?

    1. Don’t Touch: No matter how badly your windshield crack is do not touch your windshield unless you know what you are doing, it can result in more damage.
    2. Liquid: Do not pour any liquid on your car glass, hot or cold, it is a big NO.
    3. Drive Slow: If the crack occurs while you are driving, start driving slow as driving fast can result in cracks spreading on your windshield or can break the whole window. 
    4. Apply Glue: If the crack on your windshield is small and it is distracting you from driving your car, you can apply super glue or clear nail-polish paint on it from spreading as it can prevent the cracks from spreading or maybe even make them invisible. (Depends how big is the crack)

    What to do when your Windshield Cracks?

    If your windshield cracks, do not ignore it or start a DIY project as it can result in the poor installation or can potentially break the windshield. Your best option is to go to an Auto glass repair shop and ask them if they can repair it for you or put in a new one. The cost of repairing or installing a new windshield is not much in Canada as the car insurance companies cover that for you. In Canada, since we pay a lot for our Car insurance, sometimes we can get a brand new windshield installed for free depending on the car and the model number. 

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