Deck Maintenance Tips

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Decks are a valuable part of your home and add beauty and grace to the overall appearance of a home. A well preserved and Maintained deck is surely an asset for you home and immeasurably add to your property’s value. Here are valuable tips to protect and maintain your deck. Your Deck needs a lot of protection from water, rain and of course extreme sunlight and harsh weather. Using a sealant protects the wood from moisture and mildew but does not really help with sun damage over time. So, it is best for decks that are covered or protected from the sun. Clear and semi-transparent stains provide UV protection and will slow down fading splintering, and cracking. This is a great choice if you really want the natural wood grain to show through. Semi-solid coatings go on almost like paint and offer the most UV and moisture protection. But there are some drawbacks, like the risk of peeling and more visible wear and tear. So this is best for vertical posts or less traffic areas. If your deck is made from New pressure treated lumber plan on waiting anywhere from two to six months before applying any products. This gives the wood plenty of time to dry out. The drier the wood, the more paint product, it will soak up. That also means stain and sealer to penetrate deeper into the woods so that a good-looking finish will last longer. Before you plan to use any stain or varnish, you should know about the wood type of your deck that you will be treating. New timber often contains a lot of tannins and oils — as a general rule, the more tannins there are, the darker the appearance of the timber. Do not go for cheap stain or oils. Good quality stains last longer and give you real value for your money.  

Using high-quality protective coatings, homeowners can ensure their outdoor timber surfaces are long-lasting and always look fresh, adding grace to outdoor entertaining areas. Always clean the dirt from the deck by gently hosing it down to remove surface debris and dust. You can also use warm, soapy water and a hard bristle brush to remove any stubborn dirt. If there is any stubborn stain or Oil and food spills, it should be removed as quickly as possible using a warm, damp cloth.

If you are not a kind of DIY’s person, look for a professional Deck builder. Whether you want to build a new deck or want to upgrade your current Deck, a professional deck builder is a right decision. There are several popular deck companies in the Greater Toronto area to choose from. Choosing the right wood decking contractor for the job can be challenging, but with a little homework and diligence, it will add much-needed peace of mind and help guarantee your deck is built properly. Hire a Professional Deck builder who has the experience and skills to build professional decks. A professional deck installer will ensure your deck is installed in a safe manner, follow all local building codes. Additionally, these deck builders also have the expertise and know-how that is needed for the correct installation of the deck that will suit your requirements. A great contractor will design a patio that is aesthetically pleasing and gives you a sense of pride. Knowing when to consult a professional for your deck project will provide you peace of mind — and help guarantee your deck is built properly. To have a special “outdoor living” dream deck space, you should consider a deck-building specialist.