Detox Your Home: 4 Tips for a Healthy Living Environment

detox home

A clean home is a healthy home, and a healthy home is necessary for a healthy life.
Not to sound too cultish, but these words speak the truth and everyone should abide by them. Cleaning your home is so much more than teaching your children good habits or making it look good before your guests arrive; a clean living environment is beneficial for both your physical and mental health.
While wiping off the dust, throwing the trash away, washing the dishes and other house cleaning chores are an essential part of keeping your home clean, there are some other, more insidious and hazardous things that are not so easily taken care of.

But don’t worry; the cavalry is here. To help you “detox” your home entirely, we have created this list of four ways to purge your home of toxic and hazardous materials.
Natural cleaning solutions

First, you need to get rid of hard and toxic cleaning chemicals. While branded cleaners are effective and cheap, they usually contain hard chemicals. Now, you may think, “I am not going to drink the detergent, why should I be concerned?” Well, even if you don’t swallow these toxic chemicals, you can still inhale them. Yes, while you are scrubbing the floor, all these hard chemicals will be released into the air and you will inhale them.
So, we suggest brewing your own cleaning solution. With just a couple of natural ingredients, you can create an effective cleaning solution that won’t irritate your respiratory system or harm you in any way. The recipe goes like this: mix half a cup of vinegar and baking soda in one litre of hot water. After that, squeeze half a lemon, stir it, and that’s it; you have created a homemade universal cleaning solution.

Look for hazardous materials

Next, you should inspect your home for hazardous materials like asbestos and mould. It’s not uncommon for houses to have asbestos and mould, especially if they were built before the 1990s. You see, back then, there weren’t any restrictions for asbestos, and many builders used this material in constructions. Today, it is proven that asbestos can cause a deadly form of cancer. Therefore, you need to inspect your home and remove any trace of it immediately.

Beside asbestos, mould is another potential hazard in your home. Mould forms in damp and humid areas, usually around leaks. It is known to cause respiratory problems and trigger allergies and asthma attacks, especially with elderly people and infants. While in most cases mould is easy to spot, sometimes it can be under the roof or within the walls. Therefore, you will need to hire a professional mould removal and inspection company. Fortunately, the removal process is not intrusive, and you will get your house clean in no time.

Plastic, be gone!

There is a reason why green campaigners are advocating for the plastic ban; it is made out of various toxic chemicals and is one of the leading polluters in the world. Unfortunately, on the global scale, the ban won’t happen in the foreseeable future, but you can do your part and stop using plastic in your household. We understand that you can’t stop using it completely, but you can, for example, forbid the use of plastic bags, plastic cups, or any other object that is made out of PVC or vinyl – these two materials are particularly hazardous.

Potted plants are your best friends

plants at home

Finally, to detox your house, you need to filter the air inside of your home. Of course, letting in the fresh air from the outside is an obvious thing to do, but you should get some greenery for the house as well. If you remember your high school lesson about photosynthesis, then you know that plants “breathe” in the carbon dioxide (bad air) and produce oxygen (good air) from it. The best part is that just a couple of plants in your living room and bedroom will be enough to produce fresh air for your household.

As you can see, detoxing your home is not that challenging, except for the part where you need to test for hazardous material. However, even with this “challenging” process, the benefits of a healthy living environment outweigh everything else.