DIY VS. Pro: Typical Costs of A Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Reno

Bathroom Reno

Everyone has their own vision of a dream bathroom: big Jacuzzi tub, double vanities, shower big enough for… a karaoke party (?), heated floor tiles. Whatever your dream bathroom consists of, it’s doable – it’s only a matter of how much it costs. Aside from a kitchen reno, remodeling a bathroom is one of the priciest, not to mention most complicated, undertakings that many homeowners attempt to tackle what with a variety of confusing building codes and the like.

If you are considering a bathroom renovation, we applaud your ambition and are hoping we can make the upcoming project run a little smoother for you. When the bathroom reno’s go wrong, it’s usually because of one thing: it costs more than expected. To help you avoid this, we have outlined all of the typical costs of a bathroom renovation – so you know what to expect before you’re ankles deep in debt and lacking a functioning bathroom.

The Main Expenses

  • Hiring A Contractor

The first major decision you’ll have to make is considering if you’ll hire a contractor or not.

Yes, hiring a contractor will cost you – but if you are planning a full-scale remodel of your bathroom, the potential for even costlier mistakes is rather high. Bathroom reno’s are not simple (unless your talking a fresh coat of paint and new shower curtain). Undertaking such a large project without a professional is risky.

Of course, every contractor and every job is different, so for this one you will have to contact the contractor for a quote. 

  • Retiling 

A simple retiling of the floor or wall can make your bathroom look like a totally different room.

While brand new, top quality tiles can run upwards of $150 per square meter or higher, you can often find sample tiles, end of stock tiles, or simply discounted tiles for pennies (well not actually pennies, but maybe $20 per meter square, which seems like pennies compared to $150 per square meter). 

  • Purchasing A New Tub, Toilet, or Vanity 

Obviously if you are remodeling your bathroom you are going to want to upgrade the main stars of the room.

Of course, as with anything, the cost of these pieces is going to vary greatly depending on the style, quality, brand, etc. that you chose.

A typical bathtub can be as cheap as $300, but if you have your eyes on that stand-alone, deep-soaker, jet tub, you may be looking at closer to $8,000 (or more – but we aren’t judging you because honestly we all dream about having a tub like that, am I right?)

A toilet will run you an average of $200 for your basic toilet – and we don’t see the need for anything fancier than that… considering what it’s going to be used for.

The cost of a new vanity will depend on the size, fixtures, etc., but a basic vanity can cost you no more than $100. Of course that dream vanity you saved on Pinterest the other day may run you upwards of $1500. It may also benefit you for us to note that the vanity is one of the best spots to utilize your DIY skills and revamp it with a $30 can of paint.

Happy Reno’ing!

As you can see, the costs associated with remodeling your bathroom can vary, making a new bathroom quite possible for those working with any budget range – it all depends on what you are upgrading and how fancy your tastes are.

Whether you are on a tight budget and are simply making some easy, aesthetic upgrades or are going all the way with a full on remodel, a bathroom renovation (a successful one) is a great way to increase the value (and potential sale price) of your home. And if you aren’t selling – well hey, you spend time in their everyday, may as well make it beautiful as well as functional!