Everything You Need To Know About the Construction of Steel Structure Buildings

steel construction

Steel structure buildings have become all the rage in recent times. They are just about everywhere. No matter where you go, you are bound to find. Whether you live in a city like Seattle or Alexandria, there are steel structure buildings everywhere. This post aims to discuss everything you need to know about the buildings.

What Are the Different Steel Frame Structural Elements?

Generally, steel frame structure construction involves the following procedures.

  • The foundation of the steel frame structure is constructed first.
  • Then, the steel columns are constructed to provide support.
  • Next, the steel beams are erected.
  • Finally, the floor systems are used for completing the steel frame structure.

1. Foundation

The first step of steel structure buildings is the construction of the foundation. It is impossible to construct the steel structure without establishing the foundation. The soil bearing capacity influences the types of foundation that can be made. This is why there is a need for soil investigation. It includes subsurface and surface exploration for assessing the exact condition of the soil. It helps one determine the steel frame structure. For instance, reinforced concrete bearing strips or pads foundation should be used if there are low or moderate loads imposed. However, if the soil has poor strength, its imposed load would be large. Hence, it would be recommended to opt for a pile foundation.  

2. Steel Column Construction

Once the foundation has been established, steel frame construction would be done to place the steel columns. The steel section that is used depends on the load imposed. Different sizes of steel column sections would be required. They tend to be produced in advance. The connection of the column with the foundation is the most important part of column installation. As for connecting the foundation with the column joints, base plates are used. They are welded to the columns. 

3. Erection of Steel Beams

When it comes to constructing a multi-storey steel frame structure, there are various beam sections that can be used. The beams help transfer the load from the roof and floors to the columns.  It is common for the steel beams to span 3m to 9m. While the steam beams are elected, the beam to beam and column to beam connections need to be considered. End plate beam connections are commonly used. 

4. Floor Systems

Finally, the construction would proceed with establishing the floor systems. Different types of floor systems can be used depending on the steel frame structure. Once the beams have been erected, the floors are installed. The floor systems help provide support to the vertical applied loads and rest lateral loads. They act as diaphragms. To resist the lateral force that is imposed on the structure, bracings are used for transferring the loads. 


Steel structure buildings undergo a set of steps. Each step helps ensures that the building can withstand just about everything. The best thing about steel structure buildings is that they are easy to construct.


  1. Thanks for pointing out that structural steel columns tend to be manufactured in advance so it should be planned way before the foundation is laid out. I’m planning to get a warehouse built for my art collection because I need to have a safe place to store some of the delicate pieces when not being displayed in my home. A sturdy steel structure would probably suffice, especially if I can make sure that it’s very resistant to having roof leaks.

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