Have you ever locked yourself out of your house or car? If you have, you know it’s incredibly stressful! Many of us have done it, and not an experience we like to repeat. Locksmiths are there to bail you out of these stressful situations, and they can also make key copies, change your locks, or rekey. You may not need a locksmith often, but when you do, you need one you can trust and one that can get there fast! That said, how do you find a trusted locksmith in Toronto?

Here a few tips for finding yourself a reliable, fast, and trusted locksmith:

1. Find a database of emergency locksmiths

You may need to make a few phone calls before you find a trustworthy locksmith. When you are in a hurry, you don’t have the time to navigate multiple websites trying to find their hours and telephone number. Using an information database, like Toronto Info, will provide a list of locksmiths in Toronto https://toronto-info.com/locksmith/ – so you can start making calls.

2. Ask what their credentials are and ask for proof

In Toronto, locksmiths are not required to be licensed or certified. This means anyone, even someone with a criminal record of break and enters, could be coming to change your locks or help you get in. You can’t necessarily trust that the first website you come across. A trustworthy locksmith in Toronto will be a member of a professional association. The Association of Ontario Locksmiths (TAOL) is one of North America’s largest professional locksmith associations. To be a member of TAOL, you must go through training and have a background check. A member of TAOL will then have an identification card. When you are inquiring with a locksmith, ask if they are a member and ask for proof.

3. Look for red flags

There are a few things to look at here. The first red flag is when a website says they have a “network of locksmiths” instead of staff, employees, or team members. It could just be a poor choice of language, or it could mean there is a lot less quality control, and random people are contracted out.

4. Make sure they are insured

This is a big one. Let’s say you call a locksmith because you have locked yourself out of your car. They aren’t properly trained, nor are they insured, and as they try to get into your car, they damage it. The damage to your car now costs thousands of dollars to fix. If you didn’t use a locksmith with insurance, you could be on the hook and need to pay for the damages.

5. Search reviews

Once you’ve narrowed it down, do a quick google search for reviews. You don’t need to sit down and read every one in detail but make sure there aren’t a ton of negative reviews. Reviews can be falsified, but it can help give you peace of mind and know you have found a trusted locksmith.

When you are locked out and need an emergency locksmith, you can quickly call someone in haste. Without doing a bit of research to ensure you have a trusted locksmith in Toronto, you could make a costly mistake. Take the extra time and follow these tips above to keep you and your family safe.


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