Make Your Living Room Curtains Look New

Curtains for home

Installing a new curtain on the windows is one of the nicer ideas to make the room feel exciting and brand new. Just like the furniture, carpets, and walls, the curtains also get affected by the dust. It lends a hand in extending the lifespan. If we say the most of the dust is not at all the wrong statement. But if you consider the regular maintenance of them, it will retain the gorgeous and new look of the curtains for a longer period.

If you are thinking that the maintenance of the curtains is cost and the time demanding then you are utterly wrong. When you want to, then it is always important to check the care label of the curtains before commencing any kind of cleaning. If you are not sure and confuse them it is important and essential to find the type of the door curtains and blinds that are used in the home to furnish the windows.

Different fabric in the curtains is used in the market. You have to be logical and have little conscious about it. Every fabric needs a different type of care and cleaning.  Have a complete knowledge about the material you are using the fabric and come to know how to deal with it. This will help you in avoiding potential disasters with the product. The following are some of the useful ways to make the curtains look new and stunning.

Consideration of the sunlight

We all know that the sun, dust, and grime are the main things that are destructive to fabrics. They make them weak and reduce their glam over time.  The continuous sunlight fall on the fabric will fade its colour. This is the main reason that many designers prefer the lighter shade. This will generally reflect the sunlight and also resist the fading of the fabric.

If you are using dark colours in the curtains, it has the quality of absorbing the sunlight and makes the colour fade. So try to avoid selecting the dark colour for window dressing.  But if you still want to then there is a solution. Use lined window curtains that help in protecting the fabric from the UV rays of the sun.   So here is the solution and the reason that makes the curtains look old and unattractive.

Machine washing of draperies and curtains

Before moving or implementing this step on your curtains make sure you read the care label. If it makes you allow washing the curtains in the washing machine only then proceed.  But if it is not mentioned then do not make this mistake because this may affect the curtains badly.  When you are washing the fabric in the machine it has also a lot of exposure to the sun for drying.

So this is important to take care of the washing and handling them according to the fabric requirements. When you have decided to make them wash, keep in mind that you will carefully remove the hardware and fixing. When you are washing, always wash on the delicate circle. Use cold water in the machine. It is best to avoid shrinking and colour running.

Only wash the draperies when they are labelled washable. Machine washing is always an easier task. T needs little hard work and the curtains get clean in no time.  But if you are not sure then the best way is to do a patch test.  This will assist you in coming to know that is the detergent is safe for the curtain fabric or not.

Caring for lace of curtains

Removing the dust from the lace also helps in keeping the curtains look new. Many curtains have a lace that is hand washable. The reason behind them if you put them in the machine it may get damaged and distract the overall look.  Follow the direction of the label and make them wash in the cold water.

Steam clean curtains

If the care label of the curtains ensures that the steam cleaning makes the fabric safe then g for it.  If the fabric is machine washable, this means it is also safe to steam clean.  Follow al the instruction of the steam cleaning and fabric to make the drapery look new and tidy.