There is no other investment as good as investing in the real estate. Property generates income either through rental or capital in the form of change in capital values over time which is also know as property appreciation. Any real estate investor begins with this question, “How much is it worth and what are the future prospects?”
The question of value is the most important and is the essence of the decision to buy one property and to reject another. These and similar questions are enormous challenges for the real estate investor. We cannot shop for property based on a single criterion, and we
cannot limit our examination to the same criteria in all cases.Good investors have always maintained that When it comes right down to it, the best advice for real estate investors is to practice patience. You cannot gain overnight increase in the value of your home and never think it to be a short term investment. What works best is knowledge, persistence, and a clear understanding of the real estate market.

Real estate investing is a business and should be run like a business – Robert Kiyosaki

Firm up your Deal

It is also important to have a good handle on your financing options before negotiations conclude. Once the seller accepts your
bid, you don’t want to be scrambling to find capital, which is time consuming and could jeopardise the transaction.

Stay focused and aggressive

Always begin your strategy with goals and Don’t be afraid of being too aggressive after all nothing comes free. Once you have your goal, mission, and values in place, you can begin looking at what type of real estate makes sense for you. Whether you can afford a posh property in Mississauga or would you need a huge lot in Caledon or would you just be ok with buying a condo in Toronto. While it is important to get good advice—financial, legal, and otherwise—if you really want a deal, you must take the lead in making it happen. Off course you need a good piece of advise from your Real Estate Agent but the ultimate decision and intent has to come from you.

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