The Benefits of Flat Roofing

why flat roofs

Flat roofs are very popular amongst homes owners and commercial businesses. Many homeowners are increasingly drawn to flat roofs because they are considered one of the most energy-efficient options, according to Energy Star. A flat roof is defined by having a roof pitch below 1.5 degrees or a Fall of 1 in 40 and can comprise of different products. Flat Roof systems consists of a supporting structure; often the concrete ceiling, and several functional layers. Almost all these systems require an insulation layer. The insulation layer keeps the building warms in winter and cool in summer saving valuable energy and thus reducing the CO2 emissions and protecting the building against structural damages. There are three main types of flat roof systems:

  • Membrane or ‘Single-Ply’ Roofing (such as EPDM)
  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR)
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing

With flat roofing, you get additional usable space such as a living space and better fire protection. You can seamlessly install a solar panel or an Air Conditioning Unit on the roof.  Especially for a commercial business where space might be a serious issue at times, this is a great help. The list of possibilities for utilizing a flat roof is nearly endless. You can set up a deck or a garden on a flat roof and enjoy ample sunshine with privacy or you can simply enjoy the fresh outdoor air on your flat roof. Flat roofs are relatively cheaper to construct and repair. Installation of flat roofs is quicker and easier and there is less wear and tear and low repair costs over the lifespan of the roof. There’s also no need for shingles or any other decorative elements on the surface, which means installation costs are low. A flat roof suits any landscaping style or theme. It complements any exterior home decor — modern or ancient. There is no denying that a flat roof has a distinct aesthetic. One of the many reasons flat roofs have gained popularity in recent years is thanks to their sleek, modern appearance. If you have a modern-style home, a flat roof can add a stylish, minimalistic appeal. Even repairs are relatively cheap when they’re rarely required – it’s easy to repair these sorts of surfaces. On top of all that, they’re easier to clean than pitched roofs because you can get up there easily and move around without the threat of falling off. While a flat roof can offer numerous advantages over a sloped surface, it can be prone to issues like leakage or water damage. There are several other factors which can cause issues such as Extreme weather conditions, Improper installation techniques, UV exposure, poor water drainage etc. It is therefore very important that your roof is inspected regularly to avoid any major structural damage.

Flat roofing needs minimal care. If you are looking to install to a new flat roofing or need repair and maintenance, also hire Flat roofing experts. Without a good roof, your building could be structurally unsound or even vulnerable to certain types of weather or temperature conditions, so taking extreme care when making the choice of what type of roof is a very important.