Tips On Achieving A Stylish Home

A Stylish Home


Clutter is associated with a great source when it comes to stress within the home space. The adoption of a “minimalist approach” brings more order into the home, as well as offering an organized and streamlined appeal. To start the process you will need to go from room to room in your home in order to purge the items you no longer want or use anymore. This will transpire into a stress-free home environment. Moreau suggests that you should hide away as much as you can in tasteful baskets or boxes or behind cabinets. You can also anchor all your table-top items onto a tray to keep everything together in a tidy and neat space.


Minimalist Interior

Too many designs and colors often appear busy or even give the feeling that your furniture and walls are disorganized rather than a living space that should be comfortable. Instead, choose one color theme or color to bring about minimalist harmony within the home. Moreau advises when you have one monochromatic space and you have 1 dominant color in all the main furniture pieces, it becomes important to alter textures within this color for interest and contrast. He goes onto state that when you have 2 or more colors, make sure you stay with one color-story and avoid varying from it. Repeat this throughout the entire space in order to bring everything together to achieve a consistent and cohesive palette.


Balance Is The Key to A Minimalist Design

Moreau explains that balance is vital when it comes to minimalist designs. For example, arrange artwork, lamps or pillows asymmetrically to 1 side or in flanking-pairs. This makes a drastic difference in regards to how you will perceive your spaces when placement of certain items is able to build-off each group using juxtaposition or balance. If you are unable to grasp these concepts, use an Internet search for terms such as “minimalism” or “minimalist home decorating” or use the services of an experienced interior designer.


Obtain  Minimalist Control Using A Décor Focal Point

If you love one of your couches, make this the center piece for your living-room. Always choose one focal point like a furniture piece or water wall options for your home  that is centrally placed, where all the other elements are able to radiate out from. When following minimalist principles, interior design suggests looking at a room like it is a grid by becoming aware of horizontal and vertical lines you plan to introduce with colors, art, objects and furniture. Understated control over these elements is often extremely powerful.


Minimalist Decor Using Similar Elements For Bold Minimalist Statements

Rather than scattering your décor across walls, shelves and counters, Moreau recommends consolidating the like objects in a designated area. This can include grouping picture frames together or collections of like or similar objects in one designated area. Strength lies in numbers and item series which are similar are able to achieve an unedited and bold statement.