17 Energy Saving Methods for your Home

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Energy saved is energy gained. Here are 17 tips to help keep your energy bills down.

  1. Use solar panels: This may not be something everyone can do because it can cost a lot, but it’s nice to be able to run your home on solar power to save money and the environment. You can cut how much energy you use by 75% or more with this option.
  1. Install a windmill: This may not be easy for everyone, but if you can do this then the planet will be better off. Energy create naturally is good for the environment and after it’s set up you don’t have to spend any more money on energy.
  1. Keep temperatures at a steady rate: Your thermostat should be set 2 degrees higher during the summer and 2 degrees lower in the winter. Around 72 degrees during the summer and 70 or so in the winter are the best places to set your thermostat.
  1. Find energy saving apps: There are apps that will help you figure out how much energy you’re using and they will give you advice on how to save money. This makes it easy to compare energy prices online.
  1. Have an insulated water heater: Add some insulation around your water heater for big savings. The main energy users in a home are your fridge and the water heater.
  1. Keep your fridge in nice shape: Having a fridge get maintained properly will help you make sure the coils are clean which saves your hundreds per year.
  1. Put in a low-flow restrictor: If you suppress the amount of water you use it can keep you from spending too much on hot water.
  1. Put in dimmer switches: If you adjust the amount of light you use it can set a mood for a room and will let you use less energy.
  1. Wash your clothing on cold: When you use hot water to do laundry, it costs a lot more than using cold water.
  1. Use cookware that is effective: Using glass instead of aluminum or other types of cookware can save energy.
  1. Thaw out food: If you thaw food before you cook it you’ll save yourself some time and won’t have to heat the food as much.
  1. Keep your AC maintained: If you keep your AC cleaned and tuned properly, it will run more efficiently.
  1. Change air filters on a regular basis: Air filters that are dirty make your AC and heating units have to work harder.
  1. Keep your chimney flue closed: If you use a fireplace that burns wood, close it off during the summer time.
  1. Dishes should be air dried: Air dry your dishes instead of running your dishwasher.
  1. Add insulation to your garage door: If you insulate your garage door it will keep cool and warm air in.
  1. Regularly keep an eye on your weather strips: Energy bills could be high due to air leaks coming from your front door. Replacing and checking your weather strips regularly can save you money on energy.

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