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CoronaVirus Latest Updates and News

latest CoronaVirus news

May 7, 2020

  • Google’s Sidewalk Labs pulls out of Toronto Quayside smart city project.
  • One employee has died and 25 employees have become infected with COVID-19 at Maple Lodge Farms in Brampton.
  • US unemployment claims hit 33.3 million amid Coronavirus
  • As of today, 63,895 virus infections in Canada
  • The number of total cases of COVID-19 in Ontario was 19,121 as of May 7, 2020.
  • The number of total cases of COVID-19 in Quebec was 34,327 as of May 7, 2020.
  • The number of total cases of COVID-19 in British Columbia was 2,255 as of May 7, 2020.
  • The number of total cases of COVID-19 in Alberta was 5,963 as of May 7, 2020.
  • The number of total cases of COVID-19 in Manitoba was 284 as of May 7, 2020.
  • The number of total cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan was 512 as of May 7, 2020.

April 23, 2020

  • As of April 23, 2020, 620,101 people have been tested for Covid-19 Virus, with 40,813 confirmed cases and 2,028.
  • The number of COVID-19 total cases in Quebec was 20,965 as of April 23rd, 2020.
  • The number of COVID-19 total cases in Newfoundland and Labrador was 256 as of April 23rd, 2020.
  • The number of COVID-19 total cases in Ontario was 12,879 as of April 23rd, 2020.
  • US unemployment claims hit 26.4 million amid virus

April 06, 2020

  • Canada based company Medicom to begin manufacturing N95 masks in Canada as foreign countries curb exports.
  • The daily number of deaths in Spain has fallen for a fourth consecutive day as Monday’s death toll due to Covid-19 was 637 which is the lowest recorded since 24 March.
  • The death count in the USA to exceed 10,000 today as total infected cases exceed 337,971.

March 30, 2020

  • Ontario reported on Monday 351 new novel coronavirus cases, the largest single-day increase by far.
  • The growth in coronavirus cases in Spain appears to be slowing as 6,400 cases were confirmed on Monday, the lowest increase in new cases for a week. The total of deaths reached 7,340 after 812 new fatalities.
  • Trump: 1 million have been tested in US for coronavirus, the US has more than 16,000 confirmed virus cases and nearly 3,000 deaths.
  • Macy’s will furlough the majority of its 125,000 employees

March 29, 2020

  • Sophie Grégoire Trudeau says she has recovered from COVID-19, after contracting the illness while on a trip to the United Kingdom earlier this month.
  • 211 News Cases in Ontario today as the Virus Spread is on the rise
  • More than a million Canadians have applied for employment insurance due to the coronavirus outbreak
  • 5 Toronto firefighters test positive for coronavirus
  • Canada has a total of 5,866 COVID-19 cases with 63 deaths mas of March 29, 2020.

March 28, 2020

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: anyone exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus will not be allowed to travel by plane or train. The restrictions come into effect at noon Monday and apply to anyone showing signs of the virus, which include a cough, fever and difficulty breathing.
  • US President Donald Trump has said he is considering imposing a quarantine on New York in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
  • An LCBO employee working at the Allen and Rimrock Roads location in Toronto has been tested positive.
  • Canadian Air and Transport Security Authority (CATSA) also confirmed Friday one of their screening officers at Toronto Pearson Airport had also tested positive for COVID-19.
  • The USA has crossed 100,000 cases now, at least 1,590 people have died in the US, with at least 402 of those deaths reported on Friday alone.
  • Spain now has the second-highest number of deaths from coronavirus in the world – after Italy. 832 people died from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, its deadliest day since the outbreak began.

March 27, 2020

  • US President Donald Trump has signed a $2.2 Trillion bailout bill passed by Congress, the largest fiscal stimulus in US history. This bill will bring relief to companies and average Americans, more than 3.3 million of whom are out of work due to the global CoronaVirus pandemic
  • Ontario issue Amber alert to all people who travelled out of Canada and are back. The Government is also using the system to alert residents to stay home for all non essential requirements.
  • Ontario announces 135 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the provincial total to 993. So far 18 people have died.
  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus. The British Prime Minister has mild symptoms and will continue to lead the UK’s response to the pandemic. He will self-isolate in Downing Street.
  • Italy, so far the worst-hit country from the Covid-19 Virus has confirmed 969 more deaths from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, taking the country’s total to 9,134. The only hope is that the number of new infections is decreasing.
  • Bank of Canada cuts key interest rate to 0.25% due to COVID-19

March 24, 2020

  • Worldwide CoronaVirus infections have reached 400,000 cases, a new milestone in the number of infections, according to data collated by Johns Hopkins University.
  • The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games have also been postponed by a year because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

March 23, 2020

2:00 pm: Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford has announced the shutdown of all non-essential services across the province in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and takeout restaurants will be allowed to stay open. The Premier also sais that essential manufacturer and supply chain providers will also open. The order is effective for 14 days. The Government will release the names of the Businesses that will remain open.

11:00 am: Ontario reports 78 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the provincial total to 503.

10:30 am: Prime Minister Trudeau to address the nation after call with premiers about COVID-19 response. Trudeau remains in self-isolation and will be speaking from his residence at Rideau Cottage. He has been holding daily briefings for more than a week since in self-isolation as his wife Sophie was tested positive for COVID-19 after returning from UK.

10:00 am: Canada declined to sent its Contingent to Tokyo Olympics for 2020 which means the games are almost set to postpone until the Covid-19 Virus in controlled.

March 22, 2020

Italy today reported 651 deaths due to virus bringing the total deaths at 5,476 due to coronavirus. Italy has banned any movement inside the country and closed all non-essential businesses. Italy has the most affected country and trying hard to control the infections. Today’s death rate shows a drop-down in the number of deaths suggesting that Italy has peaked the virus infections and hopefully the death rate and new infection rate will be down now onwards.

Alberta has announced the latest on CoronaVirus – 33 new COVID-19 cases reported today taking the total toll to 259 infections. According to updated data on Alberta Health Services’s website, 26,999 tests have been done so far.

Toronto to provide free, 24/7 childcare for essential and critical service workers. Precautions will include daily screening of children and families prior to admission, increased cleaning, and reduced group sizes. Visit http://toronto.ca/covid-19 for answers to common questions before contacting the Toronto Public Health COVID-19 Hotline or 311.

Brampton City Hall will be lit yellow every night until April 5 as a sign of hope for our community impacted by COVID-19.

An employee has a confirmed positive case #COVIDー19 who worked at the @TimHortons @petrocanada location at 11980 Highway #10 in #Brampton. The period of concern is from March 9 to 20th. Anyone who went here for gas, coffee or supplies requested to self isolate for 14 days.

Coronavirus cases top 300,000 worldwide

Deaths in New York climbs to 114. Of nearly 30,000 cases in the United States, more than 15,000 are in New York state, including more than 9,000 in New York City.

March 19, 2020

4:00 PM: The death toll in Italy now exceeds that of China due to Covid19. The number of deaths now stands at 3,405, which is more than in China where the virus originated last year. The Death count in China is reported at 3,245 however, the number may be much more as the data sent by Chinese Government is not considered reliable.

7:00 PM: Toronto police have confirmed a civilian member of the force has tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The Infection count in Ontario stands at 258 with addition of 44 new cases reported today.

8:00 PM: Brampton Transit: Starting March 23, Brampton Transit will be operating on a reduced schedule and will implement ways to support social distancing. New Schedule will be published soon.

March 18, 2020

5:10 pm: Now Saskatchewan government declares state of emergency after number of cases doubles

5:00 pm – After Ontario, B.C. declares a provincial state of emergency to respond to COVID-19 where the number of infected cases has climbed to 180.

4:00 pm: All Ford, GM factories in North America to close over COVID-19

23 new coronavirus cases confirmed in Ontario today March 18th, 2020.

USA and Canada shutting down the Border to all non-essential travel in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Why Buy a home in Toronto?


Toronto Condo Sale

The time to move has come around again. For whatever reason, the current home just doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe it’s too big, now that the kids are gone. Or, maybe it’s too small with the expected arrival of yet another little one. Maybe in these tough Economic Times, the job you thought would last until retirement has disappeared, and there is no reason to stay in the area anymore. Possibly, you’re not happy with the school system or need a stable Healthcare System. Or maybe it’s just a desire to try something new and different.

Whatever the reason, many people have begun to look northward, into Canada, for their answers to bigger, better or more secure homes and Toronto is the destination to be. Why Toronto? What is it about Toronto real estate that people find so attractive these days?

Why Toronto? 

Toronto is the fifth largest city in all of North America, yet with a population of 5 million (Greater Toronto Area), it can seem grossly underpopulated and spread out according to American Standards. The city has the largest subway system in the North American continent outside of Manhattan. So, if you plan carefully, it might not matter which neighborhood you choose to live in. If the subway goes through, and it probably does, then you almost certainly guarantee yourself an effortless commute to work.

Cultural Dіvеrѕіtу

respect canada

Like America, Canada and particularly Toronto, is a Melting Pot of cultures. It is a city made up of many interesting and diverse neighborhoods where crossing streets is like stepping from one country into another. And since Toronto draws its diversity from migrants rather than you sometimes overwhelming aspect of illegal immigration, internal growth is somewhat slower than in America, meaning there is less stress on the schools, public health and safety systems. 

Hosing Market

The current World economic crisis has affected Canada and Toronto in particular as well as the United States. However, Toronto is seeing a boom in housing that has began to reverse the ill fortunes of the past several months. The introduction of Mortgage Stress test and series of increase in the interest rate had affected the Toronto Housing market but the new sales numbers in spring are healthy signs that the Toronto Real estate market is booming again. Toronto’s condo market in particular has been a story of rising prices, rising rents despite a slump in the last two years. The Market for Toronto Condos for sale is ever strong  and experts are attributing the up-tick to stored consumer confidence, lower interest rates and pent up demand. 

Cоmраrаblе Living

Overall, living in Toronto would not be a great change from living farther south in America. The demographics are similar. English is spoken in both. However, many Canadian speak french as well. Sports aficionados will find plenty to cheer about in Toronto with baseball, football, Basketball, Cricket, Curling and more as anyone can desire. The Cost of living is also similar with America’s cost of living being only slightly higher.  The USA ѕpends more money on education, but the schools are comparable and literacy rates are the same within Canada as they are in the states. One of the few differences would be holidays. Canada gets more statuary holidays than the US counterpart. 

Before Making the Move

Despite all the good things that you’ve heard about moving to Toronto, it would be wise to check out the city first before making the final decision. Make it your next vacation stop. Spend some time in the various neighbourhoods. See which one could possibly contain your family’s dream home.  

Viola Desmond $10 Bill wins international bank note of the Year competition


Canada’s latest $10 Bill showing Viola Desmond has won a major International Banknote Competition beatings the finalists from Venezula, Switzerland and Russia.
The bill beat 15 other banknotes to win the International Bank Note Society award. The current $10 note is purple, and the obverse features a portrait of Viola Desmond, a Black Nova Scotian businesswoman who challenged racial segregation at a film theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, in 1946. A successful Nova Scotia businesswoman, she defiantly refused to leave a whites-only area of a movie theatre in 1946 and was subsequently jailed, convicted and fined. Her court case was one of the first known legal challenges against racial segregation brought forth by a Black woman in Canada.

This Bill was introduced on 8 December 2016 by the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Bank of Canada.

Contemporary Design Solutions for an Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Area

Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Area

Even those people who don’t like cooking like eating tasty and delicious and that means we all deserve a nice kitchen, regardless of our culinary skills. However, not all kitchens are the same, and the majority of people are looking for practicality as much as ingenuity. That’s why they insist on connecting their cooking and dining areas, creating an amazing open-plan area every member of their family – not to mention their guests – is going to love. If you too want to design such an area, here are a few ideas that might help you.

Connecting kitchen island

Everyone loves having a kitchen island and this is probably one of the most practical and functional parts of every modern kitchen. This is where you can prepare and serve your food, as well as use that extra space for storing your pots and pans. But, when you’re creating an open-plan area, such an island can serve another purpose and connect your kitchen to the dining room.

Placing a kitchen island right between these two areas will help you utilize every inch of space it has, and you’ll be able to approach it from both sides. The side closer to your kitchen can be used for preparing the food, and you can equip the other side with some bar stools, connect it to a table and use it for eating. This is particularly useful if you have lots of people over and the dining room can’t accommodate all of them.

Unifying colour scheme

Unifying colour scheme

If you really want to connect your kitchen and dining room into a single unit, you need to pay attention to the colour scheme as well. This is the easiest yet most effective way to create a huge open-plan space and blend everything together, and the best thing about it is that you can do all the work yourself.

Even though most people don’t like painting, applying a new coat of paint on your walls is actually more than they can imagine – all you need is a few hours of free time, a bucket of paint and a few brushes. You can even invite a couple of friends over and turn this project into a fun time you can enjoy with your buddies.

Fix the floors

fix kitchen floor

Most kitchens are equipped with ceramic tiles and the dining rooms with hardwood flooring, and this could be quite a problem when trying to mix these two into one distinct space. One of the ways to do that is by installing brand new floors in the entire open-space area and opt for materials that will work well in the kitchen and the dining room at the same time.

Cork, bamboo, and vinyl are among the most practical and easy-to-maintain materials for your floors, so take them into consideration first. Don’t forget to add some rugs, though, especially if you prefer walking barefoot. A visually appealing modern rug can also add some charm to your new cooking and dining space, so be sure to find one that matches your colour scheme and works for you the most.

Using the same materials

Using the same materials

Both your kitchen and your dining room feature tons of different surfaces – from your countertops and your cabinets to your cupboards to your dining room table – and using the same material is another way to put these two areas together. Though most people prefer quartz and marble for their kitchen countertops, these materials can turn out to be too different from the rest of your new kitchen/dining room area, so going in another direction might be a better idea.

Using wood, for instance, could be a good solution – not only do wooden countertops look amazing and unusual, but wooden cabinets are what most people are already using. The same goes for your dining room furniture, i.e. your table and your cabinets, so using this material is probably the easiest way to solve all your problems.

Turning your kitchen and dining room into one open-plan area could seem like the hardest thing in the world, but if you know what you’re trying to achieve and aren’t afraid of experimenting, you could easily create a cosy, inviting and welcoming space everyone in your family is going to love.

Type of Houses in Canada


The homes in Canada are as diverse as the population of Canada. Here is a list of different types of houses available in Ontario Canada.



The bungalows have been a popular choice amongst Canadian residents given the ease of use as this type housing style lack of stairways with the primary living area contained on one floor and are predominantly low rise home. In Ontario, the bungalows date from the early 1900’s, but gained its greatest popularity during the post­ war years of the late 1940’s.

One and one-half Storey:

1 and half storey

The one and one ­half storey was popular post war era but now not very popular unline 2 storey home. Typically, about 60% of the total living area is contained on the first floor. From a cost perspective, this style is more cost effective than the bungalow, by providing more square footage on the same building coverage (or foot print) on the land.

Two-Storey Home

2 storey home

The two ­storey home is arguably the most popular Home Style in Ontario. This type of home offer a mix of large living area combined with a separate level for sleeping areas. Two storey designs are very popular in the Greater Toronto Area especially the suburbs of Toronto such as Mississauga, Vaughan, Milton, Oakville, Markham and Brampton. These homes offer a vast variation in terms of interior design, roof design and floor layouts.

Mississauga or Brampton: Where to buy a home

Split level


The split level home is also called Tri-level home is mix of bungalow, split entrance bungalow and the two­ storey.  The most common split-levels built at that time were the side split and the back split. The main level typically contains common living areas (a living room, kitchen, dining room, and/or family room).Side and back splits can involve three or more levels of living area depending on size; e.g., lower family room, main level living room, dining room and kitchen, and upper-level bedrooms.

Attached or Detached

attached home

Attached homes in Ontario are more preferred and have the highest valuation in terms of price and demand. A lot of immigrant population prefer to buy fully detached homes. Detached homes as the name says are detached homes without sharing all wall with neighbours.


semi-detached home type

Semi­detached homes are another popular home style where homes are attached to neighbours home on one side while the other side is detached.



Row housing has also become a popular alternative in which three or more units are joined together by common party walls. Each townhouse unit typically contains a full basement, main level living area and upper level for bedrooms. Many variations exist in the marketplace. Town houses are attractive from a developer’s perspective given higher densities available. Two examples are illustrated. Townhouses are normally grouped in sets of three to six units. Townhouses are either offered as freehold (the owner holds title to the structure and the land) or condominium (the unit owner owns the structure as defined in the condominium documentation) and shares the land as a common element with other unit owners.

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Escape Ontario Winters – Retire in British Columbia at Harrison Ridge


Some parts of Canada have extreme winters and people are forced to stay in their warm houses. It is hard to move around when you have tons of snow fallen right in front of your house. Ontario is one of them. It has very cold winters and people find it hard to live. Particularly when you talk about retirees, they find it hard to face these extremely cold temperatures and long winter spans. One of the best options is going for a warmer location and a better residential option. Harrison Ridge is a stupendous living option located in British Columbia.

Why British Columbia? To start with, BC is a warmer location than Ontario. It has only four months of moderate winter. In Ontario, seniors downsizing is common, and a large group of people are looking to wrap up their careers and ride into the sunset at the golden age of retirement. Many people seek more comfortable living options in warmer areas with the necessary amenities.

Living your retired life in Harrison Ridge British Columbia is fascinating

When you are picking a residential option, your priority would be looking at the amenities available. There is absolutely no doubt that Harrison Ridge townhomes on the Fraser Valley is beefed up with state-of-the-art facilities that people dream of.

  • It can be cumbersome living in a place with a lack of technological connectivity. Retired people prefer staying connected with their friends, children, and relatives as they do not have to commit to full-time employment. Harrison Ridge has highly impressive internet connectivity that allows you to connect through email, social media, and other platforms as well. Along with that, you can easily get connected through mobile data as well as the needed infrastructure is available.

Highly Attractive Natural Sights and Warmer Winters

Most senior citizens are not tech-savvy and they do not prefer living in places that do not have natural sightings like lush gardens, thick grass, and cut-through mountains. Harrison Ridge is scintillating when it comes to natural appearances.

  • One factor which makes Harrison Ridge an attractive option for anyone looking for presales in the fraser valley is natural scenes. It has been made through wildlands and one can view beautiful mountains only by looking out of the window. People usually find such sightings in popular holiday spots known for camping while residents of Harrison Ridge can view them whenever they feel like it. The best thing is that senior citizens can venture out of their homes to enjoy these appearances during cold weather as well unlike Ontario.
  • People living in Ontario have a clear idea that moving out during winter is extremely difficult but not in British Columbia. The winters are less cold, and mobility is not that hard.

Lift installation on request for senior citizens

With age, the human body loses its flexibility and strength. This makes it hard to climb stairs regularly. If you are living in a two-floored residence, a lift can be installed on request. Hence, there is no need to risk your body joints by climbing stairs.

Spacious rooms, kitchen, and lounge

Most retirees want to live their retired lives in locations that are far away from busy and noisy working life. Harrison Ridge is located in a calm place and you can be sure about not hearing screeching horns or traffic noises. It is the perfect place to live when you are retiring from Toronto.

  • Putting your hard-earned money to buy something not spacious can be irritating. It becomes hard to attain comfort and relaxation. Harrison Ridge has very spacious rooms and large-sized kitchens. Their TV lounge and other living sections offer ample space as well. Due to so much space available, placing furniture without following restrictions becomes quite easy.

Multiple Floor Plans to Meet Varying Needs and Lifestyles

Do you need to stick with a default floor plan even if you do not like it? The answer to this question is no. The residential options are available with multiple floor plans. In this way, buyers can compare the alternatives and pick a plan that suits them. For instance, you may not want the lounge to be beside the kitchen so a plan that has this arrangement may not suit you.

  • Harrison Ridge does not restrict buyers to a one-floor plan only. You can have all plans and perform a comparison based on structure. Lastly, pick one that suits your requirements.

Lower Cost Than Other Options

For retirees, the price that they pay to buy an apartment or house matters most. Even though the location and facilities are important as well, the cost is an important consideration. As these people do not have a full-scaled regular income coming their way, they aim at settling for the most economical option.

  • Harrison Ridge is among the hottest property preferences in Fraser Valley and there are strong reasons behind this. One of them is that you get a chance to buy amazing property options without paying a fortune. In comparison with the facilities offered to senior citizens, in particular, the rates are quite affordable.

Summing It Up

Everyone wishes to lead a comfortable and peaceful retired life. Since people work hard during their careers, relaxation is a definite requirement. No one wants to go through any difficult situations during their retired life including living in extremely cold temperatures. Ontario is among the cold locations in Canada and has extreme temperatures. This is the prime reason why people shift to British Columbia.

When you talk about the finest residential options in British Columbia, Harrison Ridge is one of them.  It offers some of the finest amenities and that too without a high cost. Senior citizens can get various privileges including top-notch natural views. The sights are simply stunning. Along with that, the residences offer incomparable spaciousness. The rooms are largely sized along with big lounges and kitchens.

In an overall manner, Harrison Ridge townhomes next to Chilliwack is heaven on the earth for people who want to make their retired lives memorable.

What is the Cheapest Roof to Install?


Choosing a roof for your house is one of the most confusing decisions. The roofing choice is usually determined by various factors such as durability, cost, sustainability, and efficiency of the roofing materials. Though these factors are separate, they are interdependent. For instance, while some materials may be initially cheap, in the long term, they may be costly because of poor durability. Finding the right balance for these factors can be challenging for typical homeowners. But, do not worry since this article got you covered. Here are the cheapest good quality roofing options for New York City residents looking for roofing companies in New York.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingles is the cheapest roofing option in North America. Besides being aesthetically appealing, they are relatively cheap compared to other options. The current rates for asphalt shingles range between $1.5 and $5 per square foot, depending on the quality of materials you choose. They have a durability range of between 15 and 30 years. Coated asphalt shingles are energy savers, reducing energy bills and qualifying homeowners for related tax rebates.

Wooden shingles

Wooden shingles are usually made from wood that is resistant to fire. Like asphalt shingles, wooden shingles are known for their aesthetic value, especially for homes with a natural, rustic look. Standard wooden shingles range between $4.5 and $9 per square foot and can last for 20 to 30 years. The main weakness of wooden shingles is their susceptibility to cracking and fire.

Metal roofing

Metal roofing can vary significantly in terms of quality and pricing. It can cost as little as $1.8 per square foot for cheaper options, while high-quality options can be as high as $14.65 per square foot. Though metal roofs are relatively expensive, they can last for more than 50 years and are maintenance-free, except scrubbing dirt and algae.

Slate roof

Roof made of slate is quite expensive compared to all the aforementioned options. Also, it requires advanced expertise to install; hence the installation fee is higher. In terms of durability, they are the most resistant to harsh environments and can last up to 150 years. Slate is fireproof and virtually invincible to harsh weather conditions.

In summary, the affordability of roofing materials is determined by their durability and aesthetic value. From our research, asphalt Shingles are the cheapest roofing options with good durability. Homeowners intending to build a house on a budget should consider using asphalt Shingles. If you are still unsure about the best roofing options to consider, then you should consider seeking professional advice from TCI roofing, a leading roofing company in New York.

Brampton Toronto Hot Spot Postal Codes to get Covid-19 Vaccination at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir


Ontario is quickly rolling out Covid-19 Vaccinations to Eligible and high infection area through mass immunization clinics, mobile teams and pop-up clinics. One such initiative is Vaccination Clinic at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Toronto. Individuals aged 18 and over in designated hot spots including the following postal codes will be vaccinated.

  • M9R
  • M9V
  • M9W
  • L4T
  • L6S

The clinic will take place at this famous Hindu temple in north Etobicoke over the course of three weeks, with a target of vaccinating approximately 15,000 people. You can book your appointment through William Osler booking system.

According to the Ontario government, this Campaign is Starting in Peel and Toronto and the province will be providing additional resources to support more mobile vaccination teams, expanding to hot spots in other public health units in the future.

3,813 new infections reported while Ontario shore up its health care system


Ontario today reported 3,813 new infections which is a drop from the near-record total of 4,227 reported on Friday. Ontario meanwhile is taking drastic steps to try and shore up its health care system in wake of a sudden surge of Covid cases. The province says there are 973 new cases in Toronto, while Peel (669) and York (442) regions reported a decrease in new infections

Ontario had a record number of 77 People admitted to intensive care. That’s a record number for one day during this pandemic and other 572 COVID patients in intensive care units in Ontario far exceeding, any number we have seen before in the pandemic. This has led the province to make these emergency orders as it did last night. Some of the steps include enabling hospitals to transfer patients elsewhere to other hospitals to field hospitals, without their consent if it needs to do that to avoid being overwhelmed as a hospital.

The other emergency order is enabling the redeployment of nurses and other healthcare workers from Community Care Organizations into hospitals. So hospitals can then move their own staff into intensive care units.

On the Vaccination progress, Ontario has administered more than 100,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for the fourth consecutive day, making pushing the provincial total to 3,044,949 total doses given to date. A total of 330,982 Ontarians have been fully vaccinated with two doses.

Ontario Moving Back Into Shutdown

Lockdown ontario

The Ontario government has announced that it is applying the “emergency brake” by placing the entire province back into shutdown as of Saturday, April 3, for at least a month due to a surge in COVID-19 cases and intensive care admissions.

Measures include, but are not limited to:

  • Prohibiting indoor organized public events and social gatherings and limiting the capacity for outdoor events or social gatherings to a 5-person maximum, except for gatherings with members of the same household;
  • Restricting in-person shopping in all retail settings, including a 50 per cent capacity limit for supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, indoor farmers’ markets, other stores that primarily sell food and pharmacies, and 25 per cent for all other retail, including big box stores, along with other public health and workplace safety measures;
  • Prohibiting personal care services;
  • Prohibiting indoor and outdoor dining. Restaurants, bars and other food or drink establishments will be permitted to operate by take-out, drive-through, and delivery only;
  • Prohibiting the use of facilities for indoor or outdoor sports and recreational fitness (e.g., gyms) with very limited exceptions;
  • Requiring day camps to close; and
  • Limiting capacity at weddings, funerals, and religious services, rites or ceremonies to 15 per cent occupancy per room indoors, and to the number of individuals that can maintain two metres of physical distance outdoors. This does not include social gatherings associated with these services such as receptions, which are not permitted indoors and are limited to five people outdoors.

During the emergency shutdown, schools will remain open for in-person learning with strict safety measures in place. The spring break will continue as planned for the week of April 12. In order to support working families, child care will remain open during the shutdown. It is important to note that currently, a “stay-at-home order” has not been enacted, as was the case earlier in the year.

For further sector specific public health and workplace safety measures applicable under the “emergency brake,” please click here.

What does this mean for Members and Real Estate?

In-person open houses are now prohibited across the entire province and must not take place at any time. This means you must also refrain from door knocking and canvassing neighbourhoods.

In-person showings by appointment are permitted; however, we strongly advise you to use virtual tools where possible. Space out showings and limit the number of people at each showing.

In-person showings should not be conducted in properties with occupants who are COVID-19 positive or in COVID-19 self-isolation. Showings should only be held in properties where it is safe to do so, and all public health measures must be followed.

Causes of a Windshield Crack and How to Stop it from Spreading?

car damage

Have you ever experienced an unexpected crack on your car windshield while driving on a road? That experience can be very unpleasant and dangerous as it can increase the chances of fatal injuries in a road accident. Windshield cracks can occur due to numerous different reasons but here are some of the top five reasons why windshield cracks appear:

Top five reasons why windshield cracks appear.

  1. Extreme temperature Shift: The most common reason why crack can appear in your car’s windshield is due to extreme temperature shifts. Winters in Canada are freezing cold and the temperatures can go as low as -30 degrees celsius. Some people like to pour hot water on their windshields to de-ice them which can result in cracking your car’s windshield. 
  2. Pressure: Sudden pressure changes and altitude changes can result in small cracks or can weaken your windshield. 
  3. Hitting Animals: If you live in British Columbia, Canada, you know you can find animals on every major highway. According to a survey by drivesmartbc, an average of 4 humans die in British Columbia alone in car accidents involving animals. In 2019, ICBC reported that $41 million in claims were costs annually in relation to motor vehicle accidents that involve animals. 
  1. Poor Installation: Installing a windshield requires a lot of skill and it is not a DIY project. Improper installation can result in vibrations in the windshield which can result in damage or cracks in the glass. 

If you are interested in getting a quote for windshield replacement or repair, contact our friends FixMan Autoglass Repair in British Columbia, Surrey at (604) 729-2133 or  fixmanglass@gmail.com

  1. Small Stone Particles: You are on a highway, the car ahead of you is going at 150Km/hr and suddenly a small stone particle comes towards your car and breaks your whole windshield. That happens a lot of times and it is one of the common reasons why the glass of your car breaks. So drive slowly and maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you. 

How to prevent a windshield crack from spreading?

  1. Don’t Touch: No matter how badly your windshield crack is do not touch your windshield unless you know what you are doing, it can result in more damage.
  2. Liquid: Do not pour any liquid on your car glass, hot or cold, it is a big NO.
  3. Drive Slow: If the crack occurs while you are driving, start driving slow as driving fast can result in cracks spreading on your windshield or can break the whole window. 
  4. Apply Glue: If the crack on your windshield is small and it is distracting you from driving your car, you can apply super glue or clear nail-polish paint on it from spreading as it can prevent the cracks from spreading or maybe even make them invisible. (Depends how big is the crack)

What to do when your Windshield Cracks?

If your windshield cracks, do not ignore it or start a DIY project as it can result in the poor installation or can potentially break the windshield. Your best option is to go to an Auto glass repair shop and ask them if they can repair it for you or put in a new one. The cost of repairing or installing a new windshield is not much in Canada as the car insurance companies cover that for you. In Canada, since we pay a lot for our Car insurance, sometimes we can get a brand new windshield installed for free depending on the car and the model number. 

If you live in BC, Vancouver or Surrey area and want a quote for a windshield replacement contact our friends FixMan Autoglass Repair at (604) 729-2133 or  fixmanglass@gmail.com

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Service FixMan Auto Glass Offers:

  1. Windshields
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  3. Backglass
  4. Sunroofs
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Ontario surpasses 300K COVID-19 cases


Ontario today surpassed 3,00,000 case of Covid-19 till date. The province reported 1,062 new cases taking the overall infection tally to 300,816 since the pandemic was first reported.

Here are some stats:

Total reported case: 300,816


Deaths: 6,980


In ICU: 289

Toronto and Peel region remain the hotspots. Breakdown wise, the Ministry of Health reported 331 new cases in Toronto, 220 in Peel Region and 119 in York Region.

The region of Peel is preparing for a mass roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine. Phase 1 has so far covered the following groups:

Phase 1 Vaccination:

  • Residents, staff and essential caregivers in any long-term care homes and high-risk retirement homes
  • Hospital patients with confirmed admission to long-term care and retirement homes or other congregate care settings.
  • Indigenous adults in northern remote and higher risk communities
  • Highest-priority health care workers, followed by very high priority health care workers

The next phase covers people 80 years and older, with limited doses and appointments opening up soon, and more to come as vaccine availability increases.

Vaccines will be available to the general public in Phase 3.

Canada approves AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

Health Canada today approved the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca making it the third Vaccine in Canada to be approved from Pfizer and Moderna. Canada has reserved 20 million doses of the AstraZeneca #COVID19 vaccine — enough to vaccinate 10 million people. The AstraZeneca Vaccine as per the clinical trials is less effective with a protection rate of 62 percent versus high 90s — but offers distinct benefits, including that it can be stored and transported at normal refrigerated temperatures. To date in Canada has, 972,407 people (2.56% of the population) have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, of which 665,189 people (1.75% of the population) have received only one dose and 307,218 people (0.81% of the population) have received two doses.

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine was authorized for use in Canada on December 9, 2020. The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine was authorized for use in Canada on December 23, 2020.

Health Canada is also reviewing two other vaccines including One shot Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen and Novavax.

Total Vaccine administered till data in Canada: 1,707,398

Ontario: 621,960

Quebec: 387,076

British Columbia: 239,883

Nunavut: 7,257

Alberta: 195,572

Nova Scotia: 30,748

AntiVirus Support Canada


Norton AntiVirus is an antivirus program created by Symantec Corporation. Norton gives anticipation and evacuation of PC infections and other malware. Norton is one of the most well known antivirus programs. A great many clients have picked Norton at its dependability and moderate cost. With Norton clients can be certain their PCs are ensured. Today, Norton takes one of the main spots among all malware assurance programs. Symantec offers clients a chance to download free forms of Norton and gauge its work during time for testing. In the event that you are searching for a viable malware security program at a moderate value, Norton is probably the most ideal decision to make.
Norton Antivirus is a product for identifying and forestalling malware from raising a ruckus. Despite the fact that the last form was delivered in 2014, this program is as yet one of the most dependable antivirus programming you can discover. The way that it’s no longer delivered implies that there’s no official help. All things being equal, if an issue happens, clients are encouraged to connect with Norton uphold Canada. In any case, a few issues with Norton antivirus don’t need the intercession of client care. Actually, for the most-widely recognized issues, all you had the opportunity to do is adopt it gradually and strategy the issue systematically. Here are the 5 issues that frequently trouble clients, along with clarification on the most proficient method to understand them.

Quick It Help and Norton AntiVirus have no relationship at all. Quick It Help has been a gathering for clients to impart tips to one another since the mid 2000s and keeps on being an assets to more than 50 million US customers for each year, just as shoppers around the world. If you don’t mind assist us with building better apparatuses and data for buyers like you by sharing! Norton contact phone number offers:

Complete Norton Tech Support

Minute Norton help for anchored electronic scrutinizing

Ace Norton particular help against spyware and malwares

Guaranteed help for contamination takeoff

Particular assistance from ensured experts for foundation and uninstallation of Norton programming

International travelers ignoring quarantine rules

Pearson Airport

After new tougher rules were introduced for International travelers coming to Canada on Monday, it seems like there is a lot of Chaos and confusion among international travelers coming to Canada. As of Monday, international travelers must book a three-night stay at an approved isolation hotel. Mississauga’s Pearson Airport has been trending this morning for all sorts of reasons for the chaos and confusion for air travelers.

Most air passengers entering Canada at one of the four approved international airports will be tested for COVID-19 on arrival. And then they will then have to pay for a mandatory three-day quarantine at one of 18 government-authorized hotels. The designated hotels are heavily booked and passengers scheduled to arrive to Canada are having a hard time making bookings as the Hotel phone lines are busy.

Insauga, has reported International travelers arriving at Mississauga’s Pearson Airport are bypassing new government hotel quarantine protocols by simply walking out of the airport or by choosing to take a fine.