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Why Buy a home in Toronto?


Toronto Condo Sale

The time to move has come around again. For whatever reason, the current home just doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe it’s too big, now that the kids are gone. Or, maybe it’s too small with the expected arrival of yet another little one. Maybe in these tough Economic Times, the job you thought would last until retirement has disappeared, and there is no reason to stay in the area anymore. Possibly, you’re not happy with the school system or need a stable Healthcare System. Or maybe it’s just a desire to try something new and different.

Whatever the reason, many people have begun to look northward, into Canada, for their answers to bigger, better or more secure homes and Toronto is the destination to be. Why Toronto? What is it about Toronto real estate that people find so attractive these days?

Why Toronto? 

Toronto is the fifth largest city in all of North America, yet with a population of 5 million (Greater Toronto Area), it can seem grossly underpopulated and spread out according to American Standards. The city has the largest subway system in the North American continent outside of Manhattan. So, if you plan carefully, it might not matter which neighborhood you choose to live in. If the subway goes through, and it probably does, then you almost certainly guarantee yourself an effortless commute to work.

Cultural Dіvеrѕіtу

respect canada

Like America, Canada and particularly Toronto, is a Melting Pot of cultures. It is a city made up of many interesting and diverse neighborhoods where crossing streets is like stepping from one country into another. And since Toronto draws its diversity from migrants rather than you sometimes overwhelming aspect of illegal immigration, internal growth is somewhat slower than in America, meaning there is less stress on the schools, public health and safety systems. 

Hosing Market

The current World economic crisis has affected Canada and Toronto in particular as well as the United States. However, Toronto is seeing a boom in housing that has began to reverse the ill fortunes of the past several months. The introduction of Mortgage Stress test and series of increase in the interest rate had affected the Toronto Housing market but the new sales numbers in spring are healthy signs that the Toronto Real estate market is booming again. Toronto’s condo market in particular has been a story of rising prices, rising rents despite a slump in the last two years. The Market for Toronto Condos for sale is ever strong  and experts are attributing the up-tick to stored consumer confidence, lower interest rates and pent up demand. 

Cоmраrаblе Living

Overall, living in Toronto would not be a great change from living farther south in America. The demographics are similar. English is spoken in both. However, many Canadian speak french as well. Sports aficionados will find plenty to cheer about in Toronto with baseball, football, Basketball, Cricket, Curling and more as anyone can desire. The Cost of living is also similar with America’s cost of living being only slightly higher.  The USA ѕpends more money on education, but the schools are comparable and literacy rates are the same within Canada as they are in the states. One of the few differences would be holidays. Canada gets more statuary holidays than the US counterpart. 

Before Making the Move

Despite all the good things that you’ve heard about moving to Toronto, it would be wise to check out the city first before making the final decision. Make it your next vacation stop. Spend some time in the various neighbourhoods. See which one could possibly contain your family’s dream home.  

Viola Desmond $10 Bill wins international bank note of the Year competition


Canada’s latest $10 Bill showing Viola Desmond has won a major International Banknote Competition beatings the finalists from Venezula, Switzerland and Russia.
The bill beat 15 other banknotes to win the International Bank Note Society award. The current $10 note is purple, and the obverse features a portrait of Viola Desmond, a Black Nova Scotian businesswoman who challenged racial segregation at a film theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, in 1946. A successful Nova Scotia businesswoman, she defiantly refused to leave a whites-only area of a movie theatre in 1946 and was subsequently jailed, convicted and fined. Her court case was one of the first known legal challenges against racial segregation brought forth by a Black woman in Canada.

This Bill was introduced on 8 December 2016 by the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Bank of Canada.

Contemporary Design Solutions for an Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Area

Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Area

Even those people who don’t like cooking like eating tasty and delicious and that means we all deserve a nice kitchen, regardless of our culinary skills. However, not all kitchens are the same, and the majority of people are looking for practicality as much as ingenuity. That’s why they insist on connecting their cooking and dining areas, creating an amazing open-plan area every member of their family – not to mention their guests – is going to love. If you too want to design such an area, here are a few ideas that might help you.

Connecting kitchen island

Everyone loves having a kitchen island and this is probably one of the most practical and functional parts of every modern kitchen. This is where you can prepare and serve your food, as well as use that extra space for storing your pots and pans. But, when you’re creating an open-plan area, such an island can serve another purpose and connect your kitchen to the dining room.

Placing a kitchen island right between these two areas will help you utilize every inch of space it has, and you’ll be able to approach it from both sides. The side closer to your kitchen can be used for preparing the food, and you can equip the other side with some bar stools, connect it to a table and use it for eating. This is particularly useful if you have lots of people over and the dining room can’t accommodate all of them.

Unifying colour scheme

Unifying colour scheme

If you really want to connect your kitchen and dining room into a single unit, you need to pay attention to the colour scheme as well. This is the easiest yet most effective way to create a huge open-plan space and blend everything together, and the best thing about it is that you can do all the work yourself.

Even though most people don’t like painting, applying a new coat of paint on your walls is actually more than they can imagine – all you need is a few hours of free time, a bucket of paint and a few brushes. You can even invite a couple of friends over and turn this project into a fun time you can enjoy with your buddies.

Fix the floors

fix kitchen floor

Most kitchens are equipped with ceramic tiles and the dining rooms with hardwood flooring, and this could be quite a problem when trying to mix these two into one distinct space. One of the ways to do that is by installing brand new floors in the entire open-space area and opt for materials that will work well in the kitchen and the dining room at the same time.

Cork, bamboo, and vinyl are among the most practical and easy-to-maintain materials for your floors, so take them into consideration first. Don’t forget to add some rugs, though, especially if you prefer walking barefoot. A visually appealing modern rug can also add some charm to your new cooking and dining space, so be sure to find one that matches your colour scheme and works for you the most.

Using the same materials

Using the same materials

Both your kitchen and your dining room feature tons of different surfaces – from your countertops and your cabinets to your cupboards to your dining room table – and using the same material is another way to put these two areas together. Though most people prefer quartz and marble for their kitchen countertops, these materials can turn out to be too different from the rest of your new kitchen/dining room area, so going in another direction might be a better idea.

Using wood, for instance, could be a good solution – not only do wooden countertops look amazing and unusual, but wooden cabinets are what most people are already using. The same goes for your dining room furniture, i.e. your table and your cabinets, so using this material is probably the easiest way to solve all your problems.

Turning your kitchen and dining room into one open-plan area could seem like the hardest thing in the world, but if you know what you’re trying to achieve and aren’t afraid of experimenting, you could easily create a cosy, inviting and welcoming space everyone in your family is going to love.

Types of Residential Houses


The homes in Canada are as diverse as the population of Canada. Here is a list of different types of houses available in Ontario Canada.



The bungalows have been a popular choice amongst Canadian residents given the ease of use as this type housing style lack of stairways with the primary living area contained on one floor and are predominantly low rise home . In Ontario, the bungalows dates from the early 1900’s, but gained its greatest popularity during the post­ war years of the late 1940’s.


One and one-half Storey:

1 and half storey

The one and one ­half storey was popular post war era but now not very popular unline 2 storey home. Typically, about 60% of the total living area is contained on the first floor. From a cost perspective, this style is more cost effective than the bungalow, by providing more square footage on the same building coverage (or foot print) on the land.


Two-Storey Home

2 storey home

The two ­storey home is arguably the most popular Home Style in Ontario. This type of home offer a mix of large living area combined with a separate level for sleeping areas. Two storey designs are very popular in the Greater Toronto Area especially the suburbs of Toronto such as Mississauga, Vaughan, Milton, Oakville, Markham and Brampton. These homes offer a vast variation in terms of interior design, roof design and floor layouts.

Mississauga or Brampton: Where to buy a home


Split level


The split level home is also called Tri-level home is mix of bungalow, split entrance bungalow and the two­ storey.  The most common split-levels built at that time were the side split and the back split. The main level typically contains common living areas (a living room, kitchen, dining room, and/or family room).Side and back splits can involve three or more levels of living area depending on size; e.g., lower family room, main level living room, dining room and kitchen, and upper-level bedrooms.

Attached or Dettached

attached home

Attached homes in Ontario are more preferred and have the highest valuation in terms of price and demand. Lot of immigrant population prefer to buy fully detached homes. Detached homes as the name says are detached homes without sharing all wall with neighbours.


semi-detached home type


Semi­detached homes are another popular home style where homes are attached to neighbours home on one side while the other side is detached.



Row housing has also become a popular alternative in which three or more units are joined together by common party walls. Each townhouse unit typically contains a full basement, main level living area and upper level for bedrooms. Many variations exist in the marketplace. Town houses are attractive from a developer’s perspective given higher densities available. Two examples are illustrated. Townhouses are normally grouped in sets of three to six units. Townhouses are either offered as freehold (the owner holds title to the structure and the land) or condominium (the unit owner owns the structure as defined in the condominium documentation) and shares the land as a common element with other unit owners.

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Why do you keep playing the Lottery?


Dr. Wendy Walsh told CNN in an interview, “People love to have a rescue fantasy. We have the Cinderella obsession — there’s a fairy patroness who’s going to come in and rescue us.”  

We have all the arithmetical data that our chances of winning the lottery are one in a hundred of millions. It is the same as if someone avoids rain because he will be struck by lightning as according to the statistical data, the chances for someone to be thumped by lightning is one in 3 million. Knowing all that, we keep on playing. But Why?

Reason can be no perturb and profound love with the hope of winning millions. People waste their whole life searching for the Lottery with the best odds of winning. This is an addiction -there is no way back, not even after succumbing for many years and money.

According to an appraisal and rough reckoning, 30% of the American population purchases lottery tickets, and that is worth $70 billion annually. Isn’t that a notable number?

One other reason for that significant number is the change in society and the increasing number of disempowerment because of change, and I am not talking about women’s disempowerment -disempowerment in general causes the hesitancy about the future and quick big money seems to be hope. Deep down, most of us know that it is more of an errant decision, but the hope of winning is always there.

What if you win a lottery? Will addiction be rectified?

It’s like drugs, once you get into this, not only do you keep on doing that but also with a more strong shot every next time. Winning a lottery makes the Lottery more seductive. It makes you feel that you know the Lottery with the best odds of winning. But when the smoke of this winning lottery chaos settles down, you found yourself broke.

The fun part is that mostly the poor people go through this lottery addiction -people who are wrong in money management or at least making it. According to a study, the people addicted to Lottery consider the cost to profit ratio of a single ticket, rather than spending the wholesome they spend on lotteries the whole year.

Under an experiment, it was evaluated that most people purchase lottery tickets because they are cheap -cheap that anyone can take the risk. But once it becomes an addiction, you invest not only a significant sum of your income in lotteries over the year, but also your emotions.

In the end, I would like to say that, buy the lottery tickets or not, it’s your choice, and it has no guarantee that it is going to make you financially stable. But what I can emphasize that always make the best money management, because that will surely make you financially stable, not quickly but definitely.

Because if you win the Lottery, you should have money management skills to manage that, or you will end up spending it on more lottery tickets or your dream car that you will not be able to afford in the next few months.

Make Your Living Room Curtains Look New

Curtains for home

Installing a new curtain on the windows is one of the nicer ideas to make the room feel exciting and brand new. Just like the furniture, carpets, and walls, the curtains also get affected by the dust. It lends a hand in extending the lifespan. If we say the most of the dust is not at all the wrong statement. But if you consider the regular maintenance of them, it will retain the gorgeous and new look of the curtains for a longer period.

If you are thinking that the maintenance of the curtains is cost and the time demanding then you are utterly wrong. When you want to, then it is always important to check the care label of the curtains before commencing any kind of cleaning. If you are not sure and confuse them it is important and essential to find the type of the door curtains and blinds that are used in the home to furnish the windows.

Different fabric in the curtains is used in the market. You have to be logical and have little conscious about it. Every fabric needs a different type of care and cleaning.  Have a complete knowledge about the material you are using the fabric and come to know how to deal with it. This will help you in avoiding potential disasters with the product. The following are some of the useful ways to make the curtains look new and stunning.

Consideration of the sunlight

We all know that the sun, dust, and grime are the main things that are destructive to fabrics. They make them weak and reduce their glam over time.  The continuous sunlight fall on the fabric will fade its colour. This is the main reason that many designers prefer the lighter shade. This will generally reflect the sunlight and also resist the fading of the fabric.

If you are using dark colours in the curtains, it has the quality of absorbing the sunlight and makes the colour fade. So try to avoid selecting the dark colour for window dressing.  But if you still want to then there is a solution. Use lined window curtains that help in protecting the fabric from the UV rays of the sun.   So here is the solution and the reason that makes the curtains look old and unattractive.

Machine washing of draperies and curtains

Before moving or implementing this step on your curtains make sure you read the care label. If it makes you allow washing the curtains in the washing machine only then proceed.  But if it is not mentioned then do not make this mistake because this may affect the curtains badly.  When you are washing the fabric in the machine it has also a lot of exposure to the sun for drying.

So this is important to take care of the washing and handling them according to the fabric requirements. When you have decided to make them wash, keep in mind that you will carefully remove the hardware and fixing. When you are washing, always wash on the delicate circle. Use cold water in the machine. It is best to avoid shrinking and colour running.

Only wash the draperies when they are labelled washable. Machine washing is always an easier task. T needs little hard work and the curtains get clean in no time.  But if you are not sure then the best way is to do a patch test.  This will assist you in coming to know that is the detergent is safe for the curtain fabric or not.

Caring for lace of curtains

Removing the dust from the lace also helps in keeping the curtains look new. Many curtains have a lace that is hand washable. The reason behind them if you put them in the machine it may get damaged and distract the overall look.  Follow the direction of the label and make them wash in the cold water.

Steam clean curtains

If the care label of the curtains ensures that the steam cleaning makes the fabric safe then g for it.  If the fabric is machine washable, this means it is also safe to steam clean.  Follow al the instruction of the steam cleaning and fabric to make the drapery look new and tidy.

AV Technology – The future is bright


Toronto is a Dark Horse among Technology hubs around the world. In the last 10 years or so, the City has shown a tremendous amount of growth both in terms of commercial and cultural aspects. As per a study by CBRE Group study, Toronto was the fastest-growing market for technology jobs in 2017, as it added 28,900 jobs, outpacing the technology Giants including San Francisco’s Bay Area, Seattle and Washington, D.C. It has quietly become the world’s fastest-growing destination for technology jobs attracting an array of technology events such as Collision. Collision is the fastest-growing tech conference in North America and Collision has already scheduled Toronto for the next three conferences happening in 2019, 2020 and 2021, building on the Toronto region’s momentum as a hub for technology and innovation. The amount of events and shows in the GTA has created amazing amount of Opportunities in the AV Industry. AV System is useful in various verticals such as Digital Signages, Displays, Conferencing and Collaboration, projections, Live events, Training and much more. The proliferation of audiovisual technologies, including sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems, is evident in every sector of society including Sports, Entertainment, education, Healthcare, retail environments, hospitality and more. AV Manufacturers and specialists are transforming the way information Collaboration is delegated and Shared.

Video Conferencing for example an important element is AV Business is changing how information is shared. Video Conferencing not only allows you to communicate with your remote workforce effectively but also cut your travel expenditures and saves time. The advent of video conferencing has brought businesses and clients much closer together and it’s perfectly possible to maintain good relationships with clients on a regular basis without the need to pay for travel. The AV industry has evolved dramatically as it enhances communication everywhere. The convergence of AV and IT, emerging applications for AV products, as well as the demand driven by home markets are key factors driving the professional AV market. The general population is seeing technology as a necessary component in homes, businesses, and educational facilities. With the introduction of AI, the AV industry is getting more exciting and innovative and has a bright future. Audiovisual communication solutions abound in every aspect of daily life, bringing enhanced information to more people faster than ever before. PureAV is the leading AV company in Toronto providing all kinds of audio visual equipment for rentals and sales

Why living in Toronto is a Good Decision?


The time to move has come around again. For whatever reason, the current home just doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe it’s too big, now that the kids are gone. Or, maybe it’s too small with the expected arrival of yet another little one. Maybe in these tough economic times, the job you thought would last until retirement has disappeared and there is no reason to stay in the area anymore. Possibly, you’re not happy with school system or the health care system. Or maybe it’s just the desire to try something new and different.

Whatever the reason, many people have begun to look northward, into Canada, for their answers to bigger, better or more secure homes and Toronto is the destination. Why Toronto? What is it about Toronto real estate that people find so attractive these days?

Why Toronto

Toronto is the fifth largest city in all of North America, yet with a population of 5 million, it can seem vastly under-populated and spread out according to American standards. The city has the largest subway system on the North American Contained outside of Manhattan. So, if you plan carefully, it might not matter which neighborhood you choose to live in. If the subway goes through, and it probably does, then you almost certainly guarantee yourself an effortless commute to work.

Toronto has always been a popular city, but has recently seen an increase in its population and opportunity for real estate investment. The city is young by historical and cultural standards, but now one of the fastest growing cities in North America. The city has all its real estate ingredients making it a popular destination for real estate investors from all over the world. Other factors, which makes the city a lucrative destination is its natural beauty with abundant natural resources, natural green environment and low rate of crime. Added to these amenities, the residents of Toronto enjoy sports, recreation, arts, culture and financial opportunities.  

Over all, living in Toronto would not be a great change from living farther south in America. The populations are similar. English is spoken in both. However, many Canadians speak French as well. Sports aficionados will find plenty to cheer about in Toronto, with baseball, football, hockey with access to the basketball, they desire. The cost of living is also similar with America’s cost of living being only slightly higher. The USA spends more money on education, but the schools are comparable and literacy rates are the same within Canada as they are in the states. One of the few differences would be holidays. Independence days and a couple of other holidays are celebrated on different dates.

Buying a Condo is one of the biggest investment decision one makes in his or her life. The most common mistake that potential immigrants to Toronto make is to look for real state in advance, even before their arrival in Toronto. Without knowing the specifics of the city and the specifics of the Canadian real estate market, finding a good house is simply impossible. The real estate market in Toronto has its own specifics.  The situation in Toronto is quite different. There is clear graduation of premium and not so good areas, some neighborhoods are more prestigious than the others.  

Get a Pre Construction Condo

If you’re interested in purchasing a Condo, go for a pre-construction condo. Get help from a qualified Pre-Construction Condos Expert who can not only guide you through various processes of Condo buying but also offer you VIP pricings on major Condo investment projects. Getting a preconstruction Condo will help you plan your resources well. Home appreciation and returns are much higher for new buildings. Moreover, you get the luxury of owning a newly-built condominium suite with new appliances, new amenities and new finishes.

In Toronto there are several factors that you need to consider when looking for a property. Toronto is a very big city and is like a multi layered quilt consisting of hundreds of relatively large neighborhoods. The value of each neighbourhood is determined by such parameters as proximity to a particular centre , convenience of public transportation, Proximity to major highways, the median income of families, ethnic composition of the population, quality of education institutes and more. Before making a purchase decision you need to make sure you are clearly well versed and acquainted with the area . If you are a professional working in and around the downtown area, you either need a condo close to downtown Toronto or need to choose a suburb or a neighborhood which is easily accessible via TTC or go transit. if you have school going kids, you need to research some good rated schools suitable for your kids. The vicinity to such schools can also be major factor in choosing the appropriate House for you.  A small investment of time and effort in the beginning of your search can really pay off. Take the time to think seriously about what sort of home you want before you start looking. It will help you avoid confusion and distractions, but at the same time try to keep an open mind.

The best way to find that right property is to create a working relationship with a Realtor who acts as your Buyer Representative and legally represents your best interest.

In addition to deciding on which neighborhood you’d consider, you should think about what your need in a property versus what you’d like to have. Toronto is definitely your perfect destination to a good home for you and your family.

What’s Open and closed Labour Day Toronto

labour day close open toronto

Happy labour day.

If you are planning to shop today, you will find a lot of Malls, restaurants and some stores open today. Check out the list in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Vaughan.


Beer Stores: Select Beer stores will be open

Eaton Centre

Square One  (11 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Toronto Premium Outlets

Vaughan Mills

Eaton Centre (11 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Pacific Mall (11 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

Most tourist attractions, including Ontario Place, Canada’s Wonderland, the CN Tower, the Ontario Science Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium, the Royal Ontario Museum, and the Toronto Zoo


Government offices and banks

Private offices

Schools and Colleges

All Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga libraries, recreation centres and indoor swimming pools.

No Canada post delivery or pick up

5 Tips For The Delivery Of Quality Customer Services For Realtors


Every business understands and appreciated the role that customer service delivery places. In the world of real estate, the term “customer service” takes on a new face. In essence, it is a sector where the customer does not pay for the service directly. It is somewhat hard to draw the line that cuts between service provider and customer.

Irrespective of the nature of the business, the need for excellent customer service in the real estate industry cannot be overlooked. Any bad service can quickly be the start of the downfall of the business. Given this, below are some tips for realtors and real estate agents, so as to ensure they offer quality customer service:

Be Friendlier

The pay scale may differ from one agent to the next, but none will highlight who is mediocre and who is not. Such a feat can only be accomplished through personality traits and service delivery. To attract clients that do not mind spending big, then you need to provide quality services.

In short, you not only need to be approachable from the get-go, but you also need to prove you are reliable and professional. People making a significant life investment, such as buying a new home, will feel confident of their investment choice if the seller is someone they find friendly and trustworthy.

Communicate More Clearly

If you dread hold conversations will customers via the phone, then the real estate sector is not your thing. To make a sale, you need to have exceptional communication skills and exude confidence. Aside from picking calls, you also need to be proficient in curating, sending, checking, and responding to texts and emails. That also means that you need to be good at leveraging social media.

Make sure that every message you send get the point across. Be clear and concise and use simple language. Also, be keen to leave some room for your clients to submit questions. That is how you will establish effective communication and be confident that you address the customers’ concerns.

Connect Where Your Customers Are

Since the majority of the customers are on the internet, you need to establish an online presence for you and your company. Posting listings online will not be enough. You need to have a platform through which your customers can connect and relate with you and your business. It is a strategy that should entail a comprehensive understanding of your target customers. Get to know their spending habits as well as their interests.

Build Strong Relationships

Since your clients are mostly making a significant life investment, you then are playing a major role in their lives. As such, you need to prove that you are reliable and worth doing business with because they view you as a trusted advisor and a dependable resource.

Your commitment should be evident in what you do and how you cater to your customers’ needs. You should show that you have a deep passion for your profession. Moreover, you need to ask your clients questions that will help you better understand there needs and preferences. Such a move will help establish a relationship that can last for years.

Listen To Client Needs And Demands

Aside from talking and communicating effectively with your customers, you also need to listen to them. They will not be shy about voicing their concerns and expressing their needs and demands. Be attentive to what your clients have to say and show that you understand what they need or expect of you.

You should learn not to interrupt your customers when they are talking. Allow them to finish what they have to say then jump in with your comments, opinions, or questions. Hold a conversation that prompts them to feel free to speak their minds and give feedback. Part of the listening entails knowing how to read their body language and emotions.

Hot IT Jobs in Demand in Toronto, Canada

IT Jobs

Toronto is fast becoming the IT hub of North America and is attracting a large pool of IT professionals from all over the World. Because of the rapid pace of change that characterizes the world of Information Technology, employment in this sector in Canada especially in Toronto remains highly competitive and lucrative. The most successful IT workers stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. Ongoing learning and training is a key to successful information technology careers.

Certain skills are in high demand in Toronto among tech workers in 2019. These skills are necessary for performing the complex and integrative work which characterizes computer programming, Mobile computing and software development.

Top hot tech skills Employers Need

If you are in IT work are looking to improve your skill sets and make yourself more marketable and competitive in the workplace, there are few things you should know. Checkout these 5 technology skills that are in high demand in Toronto. Programmers/Developers: The demand for the skill set is not new, but programming skills are in high demand for companies across Canada and USA. Some companies end up speaking offshore software developers due to the difficulty finding people with this skill sets in Canada , especially in certain regions of the country.

IT Security Professionals: Sadly, there seems to be a never ending pool of people who use their tech skills to do wrong by hacking into websites and databases. With the ongoing challenge of IT security, the high demand for security professionals continues. This type of position requires excellent communication skills, personal integrity and organizational behavior. Along with those skills, a person in this position should be knowledgeable about security issues and upto-date with the current events regarding security breaches. This job is in high demand because of the growing number of people using the internet wrongfully. These days even Mobile phone security is also a growing and challenging job. Companies such as Rogers, Bell and Telus are hiring IT technical support professionals to be one step ahead of hackers. A number of third party Individual customers are also supporting Customers.

Mobile Engineers: On demand technology is now more the norm than the exception. And given this, mobile app engineering is more important than ever. Many different types of businesses need people with mobile engineering skills. And it is anticipated that demand for mobile app developers will continue to grow in 2019 and beyond.

Project Manager: it takes a certain individual to fill this position . A project manager is important for any IT position because this person is responsible for organizing and maintaining structure, and ultimately making sure that the Project gets completed on time and within budget. Experienced project managers often required many years of experience and certifications. So for those just starting out, don’t be discouraged by the road to success. Keep building yourself leadership and project management skills and working hard, be cause this skill set will never be phased out. No matter what year it is, as long as there is a need for IT professionals, there will be I need for the project managers.

Data Scientists: After all of the programming, coding and development has been implemented , now what? Just because websites get published forma doesn’t mean the work stops. Websites collect and store an incredible amount of information and data that needs to be reported and analysed. And this is the job of a data scientist. Many industries are in need of People who can organise and interpret information that the websites collect. The demand for data scientists is expected to only increase in the years ahead.

Overall IT professionals enjoy very strong job prospects in the current job market in Toronto. As the IT industry continues to change and evolve, professionals who keep their skills up to date will be most successful video while many People may find associate programming with information technology, there are actually a lot of different skills needed and career options in the IT field.

Top 5 Explainer Video Studios in Toronto

explainer videos

No secret, video marketing becomes a significant trend when it comes to offering products or services to the market. Video materials are considered better than other forms of content since they are more accessible and easier to produce than ever before.

So, it is not surprising that today, more businesses take advantage of an explainer video as their modern-day elevator pitch. When successfully used, explainer videos offer focused and concise results and deliver specific purpose, which is to communicate the value of the product or service in the shortest amount of time.

An explainer video is designed to grab the attention of the target market. This video is often displayed in emails and on landing pages.

By using explainer videos, you have the best opportunity to display your brand personality. You can make the personality of your brand stand out throughout the video where you can include some visual styles and write the tone of the brand’s personality via script.

So, if you are interested with this kind of videos to leverage your marketing landscape, here are the top 5 explainer video studios in Toronto.

1.Animation Explainers

Animation Explainers is a topnotch animation studio, offering its customers with a topnotch animated explainer video in Toronto. The animation studio’s package includes storyboarding, scriptwriting assistance, language voice-over/custom accent, and custom asset creation.

With a wide range of languages and voiceover accents, including Canadian, French, US, UK, Dutch, and German, customers can end up with the right animated explainer material for their target market. Animation Explainers provide both 2D and 3D animations and deliver bespoke, quality, and engaging animated videos.

Meanwhile, customers are free to set the desired tone with a song from Animation Explainers’ playlist and choose the right voiceover artist. They make sure that there are the creative direction and logical flow that will perfectly fit the profile of the audience while telling a unique story. Each of their animation explainer creation is specially designed to dig deeper into the philosophy of the businesses while helping them to create a more personal, stronger personal connection with their audience.


Founded in 2011, Oranje is an animation studio in Toronto, Canada which offers a variety of video production services. The studio specializes in digital strategy, video production, and content marketing services. They work primarily with the mid-market sized customers belonging to the manufacturing industry.

The explainer videos produced by Oranje include animation motion design features and storyboards. The studio also provides a marketing strategy for promoting and creating engaging explainer videos. Each animated explainer they produce offer distinctive tone that adequately reflects the clients’ vision. They also ensure that each video offers a distinct story and flow in a way that informs, entertains, and provided utility.

3.A.W. Media

A.W. is an animation studio and a video production company founded in 2008, specializing in explainer videos and video production.

With more than ten years of experience, they have gained expertise in filming, editing, and producing explainer deliverables in English and French. Their service includes video production, video editing, digital content development, scriptwriting and copywriting, creative direction and white label, and explainer video services.

The animation studio provides end-to-end video explainer for commercial, theatrical, broadcast, and corporate releases using their key distinguishing features. They also film events, interviews, creative shorts, and documentaries on location and in the studio.

4. By The Tooth

Situated in Toronto, Canada, By The Tooth is an animation studio and video design agency. Composed of 5 members, the dedicated and professional team specialize in video production. Using their expertise and in-depth knowledge in explainer videos, they serve clients belonging to marketing and advertising, medical and healthcare industries, and consumer product and services.

By The Tooth assists their clients by producing quality programming videos, which include storyboards and content aggregation. The entire team works together to create engaging and exciting explainer videos as well as animated graphics intended for on-stage digital backdrops.

This award-winning production and animation studio already worked with global brands, and they made it happen by combining specialization and commitment. Before starting a project, they ask smart questions and then, process the designs strategically and creatively.

5.Simple Story Video

In the 2018 Best Explainer Video Production Businesses, the Simple Story Video ranked number 2. Based in Toronto, Canada, the animation studio and video production company design their videos to help their clients their stories.

Soon as new clients and existing clients contact the animation studio for a consultation, they will already experience customer satisfaction. They are committed to provide their clients transparency and ensure that the needs of their clients are met. They create original and creative video content for various types of clients.

Simple Story Video possesses a special knack for designing, creating, and producing explainer videos that will assist individuals or businesses in reaching their audience with the right message. The animation studio focuses on how the product or service can solve the issues of the end-users in a unique, simplified, and entertaining way.


With today’s way of living where mobile phones and the Internet are essential tools to make life convenient, it is never surprising why more and more businesses utilize explainer videos to reach their target audience. Besides entertaining and engaging, these animated explainers are useful tools to improve your brand awareness and tell your story in a creative, unique way. With the above top explainer video studios, there is no way for you to improve your presence and grow your business in Toronto. Keep in mind that the more you can capture the attention of your target market, the better opportunity you have to achieve your business goals.

We hope that you already have valuable ideas of where you will seek animated explainer video in Toronto for your next product campaigns or video-related projects. There are plenty of explainer video service providers, but make sure to choose the one that can match your need, as well as can help you with your growth and goals.

Facebook fined a record $5 Billion to settle privacy concerns

facebook fine

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has fined Facebook a record sum of $5 billion to settle privacy concerns. The $5bn fine is believed to be the biggest ever imposed on any company for violating consumers’ privacy.

Facebook was found involved in collecting personal user data in March 2018. It was revealed that personal data was illegally harvested from an online personality quiz and sold to Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm. This followed up with a series of claims that the data harvested may have been used to influence 2016 US presidential Elections which Donald trump won defeating Hillary Clinton. There were subsequent claims the data may have been used to try and influence the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election and the UK Brexit referendum. Facebook is facing a services of fines and in October 2018 was fined £500,000 by the UK’s data protection watchdog for its role in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

As per FTC website, Facebook, Inc. will pay a record-breaking $5 billion penalty, and submit to new restrictions and a modified corporate structure that will hold the company accountable for the decisions it makes about its users’ privacy, to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the company violated a 2012 FTC order by deceiving users about their ability to control the privacy of their personal information.

PC Maintenance Tips


Maintaining your Computer can be complex at times, yet it is important to do so to maximize their performance. A frequent maintenance is important to keep your system running smoothly.

Following are some of the crucial PC maintenance tips that will help you enhance the overall performance of your Computer:

1. Save all the working files into a single folder, at some specific hard drive location: you can even make multiple subfolders to keep your files well organized. This gives you the ability to open your files quickly, and consequently it makes your computer run faster.

2. Avoid saving your personal or important data into C drive: If your computer crashes, mostly you will need to format your hard drive to recover it. Formatting your computer will delete all the data saved on the C drive location. So, make sure that you saved all your important data at any other location except the C drive. If you have already saved your data in the C drive, you should immediately move them to some other hard drive locations.

3. Try to uninstall all the useless programs installed on the computer, mainly the big ones: if your install several unwanted programs on your computer, it potentially slows down your PC. So, uninstall all the unwanted applications or programs. Make sure you do not delete them directly from the hard drive. It may cause serious Windows errors. Follow these steps to uninstall the programs properly.

Go to start – Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs – Select the program, and select the Uninstall/Remove option to remove it.

4. Delete the zipped files after extracting the data of it: Many PC users tend to keep the zip files even after extracting the necessary data out of it. This eats up the size of your hard disk. Thus, remember to delete the zip file just after saving the extracted files at your preferred locations.

5. Back up all the hardware drivers and paid software installers from time to time: This allows you to retrieve your data when the PC crashes, or when you format the PC. You can make use of portable hard drives or flash drives to back up your hardware drivers and paid software installers.

6. Regular Antivirus Updates: It is important to keep the antivirus program or anti-spyware software up- to-date along with the latest virus definitions. The antivirus program protects your PC from virus and spyware attacks. It also helps you to fix some of the windows problems. Scan your PC fully once every week.

7. Try to back up the important data in your computer weekly or monthly: You could do that on portable hard drives, or on reliable web servers.

8. Clean up all the temporary files and folders: You can use free utilities like CCleaner and delete all the temporary files, browsing histories, and other unwanted files that become a burden on your C Drive.

There are several tips with which you can maintain your computer. However, above mentioned tips are the best ones that allow for smooth functioning of your PCs.

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