211 News Cases in Ontario today as the Virus Spread is on the rise


Ontario today reported 211 new cases of Covid-19 infections bringing total in the province to 1355. This is a huge surge as this is the first time that the cases have crossed 200.

The number of COVID-19 total cases in Quebec was 2,498 as of March 29th, 2020.

The number of COVID-19 total cases in Alberta was 621 as of March 29th, 2020.

The number of COVID-19 total cases in Canada was 5,655 as of March 29th, 2020.

USA on the other hand is leading the tragic race for CoronaVirus. New York City is by far the biggest pandemic hotspot in the United States, the US itself has overtaken China now as the country with the most cases of the virus, it is the new global Epicenter with more that 130,000 confirmed cases in the United States. That’s the latest number from Johns Hopkins University, far more than China.

There’s no doubt that social distancing will save many lives, but the economic shutdown also has a human cost. The financial crash of 2008 resulted in unemployment, increasing to 212 million across the world. The resulting poverty and poor health caused an estimated, 260,000 additional cancer deaths and 10,000 additional suicides. Every death is of course a tragedy. But once we’re over the peak in cases begin to fall, the government will have to balance life saved through social distancing with the lives lost by prolonging the economic pain. Staying home, you can save you, your family and society from this infectious disease. That’s the priority number one.