6 Tips to Make Condo or Apartment Moving Stress-Free


Moving to a new house has always been a difficult task for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving to the next block or a place far away from your house. In reality, moving shouldn’t be this much difficult if we just follow a procedure. There are many apartment buildings where management helps a lot. Like the management of Azura Condos always helps the new tenants to settle down nice and quietly. There are many ways you can ease your burden of moving to a new condo. Here are some tips to make a condo or apartment moving stress-free. If you employ these tips then I hope you will have stress free moving. But don’t get the wrong idea, you still have to do a lot of work. But this time it will be organized which will save you from a lot of hardship and time.

Get to know about your neighborhood before moving

It is very important to have plain knowledge about your future neighborhood. Because you will be moving to a new place with a lot of stuff. It will take a lot of time to unpack. In the meantime, you also need your daily necessary things like groceries, banks, school, hospital etc. It will be very difficult for you to find these places with a whole lot of packed stuff needed to be unpacked. Think before you do and do before you move. Have a thorough knowledge about where the closest grocery shop is located. Which is the nearest bank and hospital? So that when you move you can easily get these things which will save you a lot of time for unpacking.

Modify your address

The most annoying mistakes almost everyone makes is not changing their address before moving. Which leads to missing important mails and a lot of tension for your family and friends. So, the first thing you need is making a list of every possible place where updating the address is important. Then notify them accordingly with your new address. Also, make sure to notify them when you are moving so they know when to use your new address. Besides, Postal services in most cities provide this option to use their mail forwarding service. If you spend a little money, they will forward any mail to your location for one full year.

Organize yourself

You might think of sorting out your mail is the only organizing task. But there is a whole lot of paperwork that’s still needs to be done. What is the first thing that comes to mind when packing your valuable properties? Which is actually needed, and which are not? There are a lot of papers that are uselessly stacking up in your drawer and wardrobe. E.g. There could be appliances which are damaged and can’t be fixed. You don’t need to move such articles with you. It is better to list up most of the possible items which you find unnecessary, damaged or broken. It might seem a lot of work but if you have some help from your family and friends it will get easier. The idea is that if you carefully curate a list then you have less items to worry about and you will end up spending less money overall. Think about how much pressure is lifted from you with all those unnecessary things being left aside.

Plan your strategy

Apart from everything else you will need a strategy. This is the only thing which alone can make your move easy. Because everything else is related to it. If you are moving to an apartment really close by or If you are moving to a house which is small. Then you might need to arrange a mover or some of your family or friends to help you move things. Even if you just get some help from your neighbors it will be more than enough. But if you are going to a large condo or a medium sized house which is far away from your current residence, then just the friendly neighborhood help is not sufficient. You need professional help and people who can handle & transport your stuff carefully. You also want to figure out if there is any condominium bylaws regarding moving stuff into the building. Most condos have set of rules or guidelines that apart from other rules include moving timings, off days, reserving elevator etc. The more you wait the more stress you will get. So, strategize in advance to lessen your burden later on.

Know your need and measure regarding that

It is obvious that you will need a truck to move your stuff. So, the first thing before you hire a truck is to know which size you need. Because if you hire a small truck than your need, then you might need to make an extra trip which will cost you more money and time. It would also be annoying & frustrating to find out that you didn’t really plan for this extra trip beforehand, so know before you do. Any 8’x10’ target box container is good enough for a one-bedroom condo. But if you are targeting for a 2- or 3-bedroom apartments then you will need an 8’x20’ container. If you think that this size can’t load all your belongings, then there is also an option for 8’x40’ sized containers.

Keep track of your cost

When you are busy in packing or planning your strategy, you might forget about your cost management. Often the time of moving is so crazy that it’s easy to forget it. You are hiring professional movers or a trick or any other services, all of which will cost money. You may have to buy packaging supplies, boxes to pack up your properties. If you are getting new furniture or other appliances, then there might be a delivery charge. There is so many minor and major expenses. Keeping track of it all and budgeting for everything is the key. Don’t forget to list down everything and budget wisely. It will give you a clear insight into the cash flow.


We have discussed the most trivial matters here. I hope if you follow the instruction you won’t face any major surprises. There are other not so tricky but important tips I would like to conclude with such as label your packets, be sure to pack the moving survival gear, Take some photos for electronic devices which will help you to reorganize them later on. And since you are stacking up thing in the boxes, keep in mind that which goes last will come out first.