Automatic Window Shades and Blinds for your Home & Commercial Space


Anyone considering new window treatments for their home or business should investigate installing motorized window shades or blinds. While they might seem intimidating at first, their benefits outweigh the initial investment while also improving the quality of the space. It does not take long to figure out why these blinds and shades are gaining fans with ease.

What Are Motorized Window Blinds and Shades

Motorized blinds and shades are the next step in window treatment technology. They are treatments hooked up to an internal motor, often allowing them to be operated from a remote location. This offers homeowners a number of different benefits which will be discussed below. Everyone can take advantage of the most basic functions or completely revolutionize their home with these treatments. They also come in a number of different kinds and styles, so that everyone and anyone will find an option that works perfectly for them. These motorized shades are the way of the future.

Reasons to Fall in Love with Motorized Window Blinds and Shades

There are a number of reasons to consider motorized blinds. Every space has its priorities and the chances are good that their benefits fit with one of yours:


One of the best things about motorized shades is the convenience that they offer. They can be operated by the touch of a button from anywhere in the building, and sometimes even outside of it; some of these shades can be controlled by smartphone applications, which make dealing with the shades as easy as can be. By having easy access to their operation you can take advantage of all the benefits which they offer, including energy efficiency. Many even have the option to program a schedule for the shades, meaning that you can let them operate on their own after the initial set-up.


Energy Efficiency

We already mentioned that motorized shades offer the option of programming a schedule for them to open and to close. Many homeowners and businesses with commercial motorized solar shades will set a schedule according to the room’s peak hours of sunshine. This allows them to act autonomously throughout the day and so you do not have to keep track of the time. Some even are able to track and respond to the intensity of light and temperatures within the room thanks to sensors. This is an easy way to help reduce temperatures throughout the house. It reduces greenhouse effects in the summer, which in turn reduces the need for air conditioning.  Alternatively in the winter the opposite might be desired. Either way, motorized solar shades are the best option for large windows if energy efficiency is a concern.

Smart Technology

There are other smart gadgets which can further enhance the functionality of smart shades. Smart thermostats for instance, can be used in conjunction with the shades in order to assist in figuring out the times when the building is hottest. A schedule can then be planned around this, or even have the shades directly respond to it.

 The Safe Option

When we’re talking about shades for houses in particular, traditional curtains and blinds can pose safety concerns to households with young children and pets. They are controlled by cords which are a choking hazard; they are often listed as one of the top forgotten hazards in the home. Not to mention, long cords can trip anybody walking by, children and adults alike. Motorized shades  on the other hand do not require cords thanks to their remote controllers. By removing these cords from the home, it automatically becomes a safe environment for everyone there.


While extra security might not be the first thing on your mind when purchasing these blinds,

Outdoor Shades

The reasons to include solar shades on the interior of you business or home is clear, but it is also sometimes a good idea to include them on the exterior. Motorized solar shades used on the exterior is a fantastic option for sunrooms in warmer climates with minimal rain. These shades manage to block out the majority of the heat before it even reaches the windows. This gives you even more control over the energy efficiency within the space. They also help to preserve the furniture within the room, especially if there are bright colours present. After all, it is no secret that the sun has a way of bleaching vibrant colours.


Don’t hesitate when it comes to motorized window treatments! They are the right decision for any home thanks to the features they offer. From saving money and  increasing convenience to reducing safety hazards, there is no reason to not install these new and exciting treatments.