Brampton City Council approves the budget of $1.1B with fourth consecutive tax freeze

Brampton City Council approves 2022 Budget

Brampton City is one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in Canada. The city council approved the city’s 2022 Budget which was $1.1B, consisting of a $780M Operating budget (maintenance, utilities, reserves, staff salaries) and a $341M Capital budget (purchase, major repair and replacement of assets: roads, buildings, etc.).

The City Council decided to freeze the tax for the fourth consecutive year bringing respite to the residents of Brampton. Here are some of the highlights of the City’s budget.

Total Budget of $1.1 Billion approved out of which $780 allocated to the Operating Budget consisting of maintenance, utilities, reserves, staff salaries.

An amount of $341M allocated towards the Capital budget which includes purchase, major repair and replacement of assets: roads, buildings, etc.

$22.6M for roads resurfacing, reconstruction and other improvements

$19M for new buses; majority of which will be electric

$13.4M for downtown Brampton revitalization initiatives

$100M over three years for Riverwalk project ($9.3M in 2022) for flood mitigation and unlocking of economic potential in surrounding area, including downtown