Federal Elections in Canada Monday, September 20

canada elections

Elections Canada estimates about 5.8 million Canadians cast their ballot at federal election advanced polls.

The Elections Canada polls were open from Friday to Monday.

The number of early voters does not contain mail-in ballots received by Canada Elections so far.

Tuesday is the last day for people who want to cast their vote before Election Day to apply for a mail-in ballot.

20. Sept is Election Day.

How many parties and who is leading?

There are 5 big political parties in Canada – The Conservative party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada, the Bloc Quebecois, the New Democratic Party, and the Green party. Each of these parties, plus any of the lesser-famous parties putting 4th nominations, is needed to nominate candidates to run in the Canada election.

Who can vote?

To vote in a Canadian federal election you must be:

  • A Canadian citizen (permanent and temporary residents cannot vote)
  • Eighteen years old or older on Election Day
  • Registered on the voters list
  • A residential in the electoral district

If you meet the first three requirements but are not on the voters list, you must include your name to the list using the online voter’s registration service at your domestic polling station or office of Elections Canada.

Where can I vote?

There are many choices accessible for those eligible to vote in the 2021 Canada federal election. The time, date and address of Election Day polls are accessible on the Elections Canada site as well as on voter information cards.

According to 2021 Elections Canada, the polls will be open for twelve hours periods, though these hours will change across time zones.

There is also the choice of registering in person at domestic elections Canada offices or at polling areas.

For those looking to cast their vote in early, advance polls will be open current year from Sept 10-13.