International travelers ignoring quarantine rules

Pearson Airport

After new tougher rules were introduced for International travelers coming to Canada on Monday, it seems like there is a lot of Chaos and confusion among international travelers coming to Canada. As of Monday, international travelers must book a three-night stay at an approved isolation hotel. Mississauga’s Pearson Airport has been trending this morning for all sorts of reasons for the chaos and confusion for air travelers.

Most air passengers entering Canada at one of the four approved international airports will be tested for COVID-19 on arrival. And then they will then have to pay for a mandatory three-day quarantine at one of 18 government-authorized hotels. The designated hotels are heavily booked and passengers scheduled to arrive to Canada are having a hard time making bookings as the Hotel phone lines are busy.

Insauga, has reported International travelers arriving at Mississauga’s Pearson Airport are bypassing new government hotel quarantine protocols by simply walking out of the airport or by choosing to take a fine.