Man arrested for Canada post Fraud


Toronto police have arrested Christopher Lim, 28, of Toronto in connection with Canada post package fraud. He is facing 12 counts of Fraud Under $5000. According to the news release, Christopher had a unique modus operandi of order various products online from companies throughout Canada, he would then contact the company indicating he wanted to return them. He would then drop off the return packages at various Canada Post locations throughout the City of Toronto. Before dropping off, he would put a device in the package which would eventually remove the labels making the package undeliverable. As the package was scanned, the companies would issue a refund for the items as they had been received by Canada Post although they never got their actual package back.

It is further alleged the investigators recovered $20,000 in merchandise and $25,000 in Canadian Currency.

Christopher Lim, 28, of Toronto, is charged with:

1. Twenty-three counts of Public Mischief
2. Twelve counts of Fraud Under $5000
3. Eighteen counts of Possession of Property Obtained by Crime
4. Six counts of Personation
5. Possession of Proceeds of Crime

He appeared in court on Thursday, February 18, 2021, at 10a.m., Toronto East Courts, 1911 Eglinton Avenue East, room 412