Ontario hospitals brace for rising COVID-19 admissions

Ontario is reporting a large spike in hospitalizations
Ontario is reporting a large spike in hospitalizations

As cases of Omicron surge across the country, hospitals are seeing their resources pushed to the max and are reeling under severe pressure. The Omicron Cases across Canada are climbing to staggering new heights. With limited testing, the actual numbers are even higher. This is putting a lot of pressure of Healthcare workers who have been working diligently to take care of people from this highly infections and deadly virus. Still healthcare workers are trying to remain optimistic. The disease caused by this variant does appear to be milder, which means hospital stays could be shorter and ICU admissions have been lower in other countries battling Omicron. The hope is this wave will pass quickly.

In new development, the William Osler health system which overseas Brampton Civic Hospital and Etobicoke General Hospital has declared a code orange. As per the officials, they are seeing levels of illness within their healthcare workforce, higher than any stage in the pandemic. This has affected the functioning of their staff, various units including the emergency departments across our sites. And so as a result of that, the Management has made the difficult decision to use the code orange to highlight and communicate the gravity of the situation that our healthcare system is facing.

The province of Ontario is reporting a large spike in hospitalizations. Today 2,081 patients were admitted patients with COVID, up from 1,173 on New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile, reports of outbreaks in vulnerable settings like seniors homes and hospitals are also spiking leading to infecting Ontario seniors at record rates. Cases among those 60 or older have skyrocketed since the New Year.