This is Canada’s First Millionaire City

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Vancouver has become the first city in Canada to be tagged as, “city of millionaires”. The city has reached this distinction as the average household net worth in the city is slated to be $1,036,202 up from the previous year by 7.1%. Real estate has been consistently hot in the Vancouver market and has seen exponential rise in the last five years. Vancouver currently stands on number one position in terms of house property value which is almost 3 times the national average of 4.6%. Toronto is occupying the second spot in terms of real estate growth and is closing the ranks quickly. A surcharge of 15% for foreign investors in Vancouver has made Toronto that next heart destination for real estate investment. A lot of investors from China, India, Middle East and Europe have shown a great deal of interest in real estate services in Toronto. Considering the current market scenarios and a period of uncertainty across the world, Canada is poised to be one of the top real estate destinations for investors across the world. New immigration policies by the new Liberal government has even made this option more attractive and competitive. If you are looking to invest in Toronto or surrounding cities such as Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan or even the surrounding cities such as Kitchener, Waterloo, Niagara or Barrie, we can help you get the right property which can certainly provide you the best ROI. Contact us for all types of real estate services.