Top 5 Explainer Video Studios in Toronto

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No secret, video marketing becomes a significant trend when it comes to offering products or services to the market. Video materials are considered better than other forms of content since they are more accessible and easier to produce than ever before.

So, it is not surprising that today, more businesses take advantage of an explainer video as their modern-day elevator pitch. When successfully used, explainer videos offer focused and concise results and deliver specific purpose, which is to communicate the value of the product or service in the shortest amount of time.

An explainer video is designed to grab the attention of the target market. This video is often displayed in emails and on landing pages.

By using explainer videos, you have the best opportunity to display your brand personality. You can make the personality of your brand stand out throughout the video where you can include some visual styles and write the tone of the brand’s personality via script.

So, if you are interested with this kind of videos to leverage your marketing landscape, here are the top 5 explainer video studios in Toronto.

1.Animation Explainers

Animation Explainers is a topnotch animation studio, offering its customers with a topnotch animated explainer video in Toronto. The animation studio’s package includes storyboarding, scriptwriting assistance, language voice-over/custom accent, and custom asset creation.

With a wide range of languages and voiceover accents, including Canadian, French, US, UK, Dutch, and German, customers can end up with the right animated explainer material for their target market. Animation Explainers provide both 2D and 3D animations and deliver bespoke, quality, and engaging animated videos.

Meanwhile, customers are free to set the desired tone with a song from Animation Explainers’ playlist and choose the right voiceover artist. They make sure that there are the creative direction and logical flow that will perfectly fit the profile of the audience while telling a unique story. Each of their animation explainer creation is specially designed to dig deeper into the philosophy of the businesses while helping them to create a more personal, stronger personal connection with their audience.


Founded in 2011, Oranje is an animation studio in Toronto, Canada which offers a variety of video production services. The studio specializes in digital strategy, video production, and content marketing services. They work primarily with the mid-market sized customers belonging to the manufacturing industry.

The explainer videos produced by Oranje include animation motion design features and storyboards. The studio also provides a marketing strategy for promoting and creating engaging explainer videos. Each animated explainer they produce offer distinctive tone that adequately reflects the clients’ vision. They also ensure that each video offers a distinct story and flow in a way that informs, entertains, and provided utility.

3.A.W. Media

A.W. is an animation studio and a video production company founded in 2008, specializing in explainer videos and video production.

With more than ten years of experience, they have gained expertise in filming, editing, and producing explainer deliverables in English and French. Their service includes video production, video editing, digital content development, scriptwriting and copywriting, creative direction and white label, and explainer video services.

The animation studio provides end-to-end video explainer for commercial, theatrical, broadcast, and corporate releases using their key distinguishing features. They also film events, interviews, creative shorts, and documentaries on location and in the studio.

4. By The Tooth

Situated in Toronto, Canada, By The Tooth is an animation studio and video design agency. Composed of 5 members, the dedicated and professional team specialize in video production. Using their expertise and in-depth knowledge in explainer videos, they serve clients belonging to marketing and advertising, medical and healthcare industries, and consumer product and services.

By The Tooth assists their clients by producing quality programming videos, which include storyboards and content aggregation. The entire team works together to create engaging and exciting explainer videos as well as animated graphics intended for on-stage digital backdrops.

This award-winning production and animation studio already worked with global brands, and they made it happen by combining specialization and commitment. Before starting a project, they ask smart questions and then, process the designs strategically and creatively.

5.Simple Story Video

In the 2018 Best Explainer Video Production Businesses, the Simple Story Video ranked number 2. Based in Toronto, Canada, the animation studio and video production company design their videos to help their clients their stories.

Soon as new clients and existing clients contact the animation studio for a consultation, they will already experience customer satisfaction. They are committed to provide their clients transparency and ensure that the needs of their clients are met. They create original and creative video content for various types of clients.

Simple Story Video possesses a special knack for designing, creating, and producing explainer videos that will assist individuals or businesses in reaching their audience with the right message. The animation studio focuses on how the product or service can solve the issues of the end-users in a unique, simplified, and entertaining way.


With today’s way of living where mobile phones and the Internet are essential tools to make life convenient, it is never surprising why more and more businesses utilize explainer videos to reach their target audience. Besides entertaining and engaging, these animated explainers are useful tools to improve your brand awareness and tell your story in a creative, unique way. With the above top explainer video studios, there is no way for you to improve your presence and grow your business in Toronto. Keep in mind that the more you can capture the attention of your target market, the better opportunity you have to achieve your business goals.

We hope that you already have valuable ideas of where you will seek animated explainer video in Toronto for your next product campaigns or video-related projects. There are plenty of explainer video service providers, but make sure to choose the one that can match your need, as well as can help you with your growth and goals.