Top 5 Reasons You Need A Storage Unit

Top 5 Reasons You Need A Storage Unit

More people use storage units than you may realize and there is a myriad of reasons for this. Perhaps someone has moved overseas, downsized their house, or is flatting with others. No matter what the reason is, storage units are a handy way of storing items that you currently don’t have a need for.

A storage unit is a space that’s all yours to stash away anything you like. You’ll get your own personal key to your unit so that you can be sure no one else can come in and steal your belongings. They are used as a space for the furniture you don’t want to sell but doesn’t fit into your current home.

Temporary Move

Maybe you’re away for a year because you’re off to travel around the world, or perhaps you’ve taken a temporary job. Either way, there are plenty of reasons why people may temporarily leave the city. It only makes sense to end your lease or if you own a home, get tenants into your house. So, what are you going to do with all your stuff?

There is no point selling the furniture collection you have painstakingly built, as you will want these things again when you return. This is where getting a storage unit is the perfect solution.

You can book one on either a short-term or long-term lease, depending on how long you’re away for. Simply move your belongings in there to keep them safe under lock and key. Plus, the units will ensure that there is no damage from the elements as they will be away from the sun and rain.


Another reason why people use a self-storage facility is when they are downsizing their home. Maybe you are about to retire and are moving into a smaller home or taking advantage of your empty nest and getting a small house by the sea. Whatever the reason is that people need a smaller place, they often find that they no longer have room for all of their furniture.

It could be that the section is smaller, and you can’t fit your massive outdoor furniture set. Or maybe the coffee table that used to sit in the living room can no longer take pride of place in a smaller lounge. There is no need to get rid of this stuff – one day you may move back to a bigger house or your children may want these things. So, why not hold onto it? Book a storage unit and then you won’t have to decide what to hold onto and what to sell.

Items You Don’t Use Often

Ever started a hobby and got bored of it after a while? It happens to the best of us when life gets in the way and we get too busy. So, if you have an old piano, drum set, fishing rod, or kayak lying around gathering dust, you need a storage unit.

There’s no need to have these items cluttering up your precious garage space. Garage space often gets tighter and tighter as we add more and more stuff to the heap. Eventually, you won’t be able to drive your car in there anymore! Avoid this problem by getting a self-storage facility. This way, you can still use these items when you have time for them again.

You might only use your kayak or drum set a couple of times a year. So, when you want to use them, it’s not too much hassle to head over to your storage facility to pick them up. Keep them out of your way but fully accessible for when you do want to use them.

Home Renovations

Whether you’re going down the DIY route or hiring someone to do home renovations for you, it’s important to protect your furniture. There will be a lot of dust and paint around your home. Sure, you could cover up your furniture with sheets and cloths. However, you will still need to work around these items, and they may get in your way as you work.

So, why not move them out altogether? Have them completely out of the way when you’re laying new carpet, repainting or completing a full renovation. Shift them across to a nearby Melbourne storage facility where you know that they won’t get damaged or covered in paint.


If you don’t have a large home but you like to hold onto items for sentimental reasons, you might find that you run out of space very quickly. These items could include your child’s school pictures, drawings, and things they made in pottery class. Or maybe you like to hold onto furniture like the first table you ever bought or the dining set from your first home. You’ve moved onto finer things but can’t quite let go of sentimental items.

If this sounds like you, you could definitely benefit from getting a self-storage facility. That way you don’t have to let go of anything you’re not ready to. Hold onto those precious items forever so that one day you can show your children or your grandchildren. There’s no need to choose what to keep!

Melbourne Storage Units

If you’re looking for storage units, contact EasyMove. We are experienced Melbourne furniture removalists who can help you with everything from moving to furniture storage. If you’re moving away and need some furniture stored, just make one call and book us in to do it all. We’ll have you moved to your new place and arrange a storage facility for the rest of your belongings. Then we’ll take the items you want to be stored to the facility, so you don’t need to worry about moving them yourself.

Storing unused items has never been easier than it is with our help! Simply let us know how much stuff you want to be stored and how long you need it stored for. We’ll move your items there and hand you the key. Then you can go and grab your stuff whenever you need to!