What To Look for When Hiring a Moving Company

moving company

With the increasing hassle of personal and professional life, changing the area of living has become common. The process of moving sounds so tiring that people sometimes avoid moving at all. Well, a quick and easy solution to this problem is to ‘HIRE A MOVING COMPANY’. 

There’s a whole lot to consider whether you should hire movers or do it all by yourself. You need to check your health condition, the distance between areas of moving, and the type of items you need to move and so on. 

Well, if you have planned on hiring movers, then you can find online a bunch full of moving companies in Hamilton. To go for the best Hamilton movers among all, here are few things that you need to look for. 

Reputation of the company

Your first order of business is to check the repute of the moving company you are planning to hire. Can you do that? Well, yes you can do that indirectly by looking at the business history of the company and the nature of complaints filed against them. You can also demand a valid license of the company to avoid potential scams. 

Recommendations and references 

First and foremost, you must go through the online reviews of the company on moving.com. You can search in for the best Hamilton movers on moving.com. In addition to the reviews, always look for a local address and contact number listed against the company name. If you suspect a scam, you can always double-check on the provincial consumer complaint hotline at 1-877-666-6545. While online search can certainly give you pervious reviews of the company, I will encourage you to look for recommendations from the people you know (friends and family) to know about the moving services of the company. If you still fail to get a reliable reference, you can ask official moving associations of the city.

Moving Supplies’ Checklist 

A great way to decide whether you should hire the movers is by looking at how they estimate your financials. Whether they go through all your stuff or not? Whether they take into account your storage locations or not? 

Insurance and Licensing of the Company

Never hire a company without a valid license. It is easy to fall a prey into the hands of people owning trucks and calling themselves a moving company. 

Reliable companies are always listed with the transportation department number and have a unique ID number. In this way, you will get to know whether your company is abiding by the transport regulations of your city and province.

Financial Coverage and Advance Payments

If you have planned on hiring movers, that means you are certainly on a budget limit. In that case, you must go through the financial policy and charges that you are bound to pay. The base rates of number movers per hours is generally mentioned in the flyers and on the websites. However, you must look for the hidden extra charges in the name of whatsoever services. Ask questions regarding the following. What’s included in their base charge. Know what you are paying for (logistics, labor, packing costs if that applies). Inquire about any extra fee and additional logistical charges based on your place of moving

Personal Demands and Needs

The proverb ‘One-size fits all’ does not apply when selecting a moving company. Individual needs differ when it comes to moving. You may be moving to-and-from a large commodity or a studio apartment. It is important that the movers you select must cater all your needs and have the logistical trucks to fit all your furniture and boxes. 

The Nature of ‘moving contract’

You must always sign a ‘written’ contract listing all the base and additional charges with the required payment and delivery dates. Also, do not forget to list all your belongings on the contracts so that you can make a claim if something goes missing.

Other than that, you must always look for the type of contract that you are signing. Companies may offer you the following:

  • A specific and guaranteed price with all the service charges is a feature of ‘a binding estimate’ contract which requires you to pay within 30 days of delivery if you demand additional services.
  • No overpay charge than the original estimate is a feature of ‘a non-binding to-exceed estimate’ contract. This usually consists of the maximum amount that you may need to pay even if you require any additional services.

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