Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Must Know

garage door maintenance tips
Garage Door Maintenance

The garage door serves a lot of purposes to every homeowner – security, passageway, added value, and more. This is why as an owner you must keep in mind that taking care of it will lead to numerous benefits and advantages of course, with proper garage door maintenance practices or habits.

A faulty, damaged, or broken thing is a nuisance. This applies to every item you have at home, even the smallest structure or appliance. Worst case, these faulty structures can even lead to safety issues and accidents that can harm not only you but the other members of your family as well. In order to avoid such, looking for guides or references on the web is usually the first resort of every homeowner. I bet you will agree about this. Well, everything that you want to know is already on different reliable sites that you can browse via the internet anytime you want to. And, we wanted this article to be an addition to those bases you currently have.

In here, we will be citing the things that you should be doing in order to properly maintain your garage door and eventually extend or lengthen its lifespan preferably on a monthly basis. There is information that you surely know at the moment but there could be something that is missing out. So, make sure to read until the end of this post to learn more.

Consistent Cleaning Of Your Garage Door Tracks

One of the most functional components of a garage door is tracks. As you use your garage door, you cannot avoid the accumulation of some debris in the tracks slowing down its operation that could affect even the rollers. Having the tracks cleaned in a timely manner can avoid this issue. Here is a guide on how you can do it.

  1. Make sure that you will open your garage door fully in order to see the vertical tracks clearly.
  2. Get a soft cloth. With the use of either water or your household cleaner, wipe the tracks carefully. If you are noticing some debris that is hard to remove, you can directly spray the cleaner and wait for some minutes before wiping it.
  3. Now, you need to close the door in order to access the horizontal ones.
  4. Perform the same process stated in the second step in order to clean the horizontal tracks.
  5. After doing the cleaning process, ensure that you will lubricate the tracks as well. Lubrication helps the rollers to perform at its best state as well.

Lubrication Of Movable Garage Door Components

Another important thing that must be kept in mind when it comes to garage door maintenance is proper and sufficient lubrication of the door’s movable components.

Rollers, springs, joints, and tracks are movable parts that you need to lubricate from time to time. Proper lubrication can also add some more years to the life of your garage door. This can help prevent the deterioration of metal brought by rust and corrosion.

After applying the lubricant, ensure that you will be wiping the excess to avoid the accumulation of dust and other things that could affect these movable components.


Check The Auto-Reverse Function

The auto-reverse function of your garage door is very helpful when it comes to safety. Therefore, you need to ensure that it will be tested consistently. The main purpose of this feature is to avoid accidents from happening by doing reverse mechanism when the door encounters an object along the way. But of course, it will serve this purpose if it is performing well and fine. In order to test if it is, you can try the below items.

  1. Try opening your garage door and place an item along its closing path. A good recommendation is to use a solid object that is at least 1.5 inches high.
  2. Now, activate it to close.
  3. Once the door touches the garage door, it should work in the reverse direction at least within the first 2 seconds after the moment it touches the object. If it did not work, then surely there is something wrong with your garage door.
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