Top 5 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Trust me. Being quarantined isn’t easy. But being quarantined isn’t all that bad. Most of us have the opportunity to do things we always wanted likeā€¦.renovating your kitchen or more specifically, replacing those kitchen cabinets. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 popular kitchen cabinet styles!

Top 5 Popular Kitchen Cabinets

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There are various kitchen cabinets but for now I will tell you the 5 most popular.

  • Traditional
  • Shaker
  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Glass-Front


So, this type of kitchen cabinet style is for all you traditional lovers out there. if you are going for a classic dated type of look, then traditional is the way to go. It has cool features such as raised panels, beadboard and other such details. They usually come with a dark wood, classic maple. You also have door styles you can choose from such as the Ardmore or Churchill.

Traditional kitchen cabinets are susceptible to damage but can be easily fixed by the damage being painted over.


Interesting name for a cabinet style huh? Well the shaker style has been around since the 18th century and it is making a come back! We can thank Europeans for this. These kitchen cabinets started from a religious group called the Shakers.

Yes, this style is simple, clean and includes flat-paneled doors. This style is so popular because of the casual look they give off. If traditional cabinet and contemporary cabinet had a baby, it definitely would be a shaker! They are most popular in the color white, but they are seen in other colors such as navy blue, and matte.


If you love the modern style, these kitchen cabinets will give you just that! Contemporary cabinetry are non-molded meaning cabinets can be taller and provide a great deal of space! There is a variety of materials that come with these kitchen cabinets such as, glass, metal and manufactured wood.


Rustic can be interchangeable with a country look, mountain type look or urban look. They are made to be admirable. The good thing about rustic cabinetry is, it comes with durable materials. It features wood, oak and pine. Beware if you do choose the pine option though because it can scratch easily.

Another popular wood choice for rustic is maple and cherry. They come in various different colors and definitely more long lasting than pine. Rustic gives off warm, and natural tones. Rustic just like the name is meant to be rustic, so it can really showcase the type of wood used.


Want to be a the show-off? Glass-Front cabinetry style can be used for parties, elegant evenings. If you have guests over show them your fine china!

This style can co-exist with solid door cabinets as well if you don’t want to have all of your cabinets with the glass door.

The cool thing about glass-front is that they can be lit to give it this awesome ambiance effect! You can even set the mood this way with your lover. As with everything, there are some things to worry about. Since its glass, glass-fronts are more fragile. However, they offer a lot of versatility on the market.

Kitchen cabinet style

Kitchen cabinets are important to the way they make our kitchens look and it is always important to know how to choose the correct kitchen cabinet style for you.

Happy kitchen cabinet-venture!