Important Tips to consider while on home buying appointment

home buying tips

Buying a home is arguably the biggest investment one makes in his/her lifetime. You need to make sure you are buying the right property at the right price. There should be no room for pricey renovations or maintenance. Here are some tips to help you while you are seeing a home or have an appointment with your real estate agent.

  1. Check the location of the home, make sure if you have kids, the schools are within walking distance or you at least get a school bus for your kids based on the nearest distance.
  2. Look at the entire property, not just the main structure. Most buyers tend to focus on  interior matters without due regard for exterior surfaces, land characteristics (e.g., drainage) and
    adjacent properties that can directly impact the value of the listed property.
  3. Watch for alterations or additions. Ask pertinent questions about when the work was done, was a building permit issued and are there any additional changes that are not readily observable?
  4. Check about the source of heat. Make sure the furnace is not too old.
  5. Checking the condition of the roof is also very important. If the roof condition is not good, ask the Seller to new roof installed or can ask for the rebate on home price.
  6. Check water heater whether rented or owned. Most rented heaters are under contract and you will inherit that.
  7. Check for general deterioration, water stains, moisture, mould, sagging and other signs of neglect and damage.
  8. Make sure the house has no history of a grow house or any incident.
  9. When in doubt regarding any uncertain issues concerning a property, seek expert advice from your Real estate Agent.
  10. Always ask for Survey and when was it completed.
  11. Check when will or was the house warranty expired.
  12. If you have decided to make an offer, Talk to the neighbors if possible to get acquainted.