Increasing The External Appeal Of Your Home

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A better-looking home creates a better first impression and can help you gain a greater price. Here are some tips on enhancing the value of your home.

Using Outdoor Lights

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Outdoor lights are amazing because they are so versatile. Plus, they can serve multiple purposes. For example, they can create a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests when you walk up the entrance. Secondly, they add a level of security, which is always something you can need. And, of course, they will showcase areas of the garden you are really proud of underneath the night stars.

Solar powered lights are among the most common choices, seeing as you don’t have to pay attention to switching them off and they don’t cost you extra energy. There’s also the matter of not having to install cables or any type of wiring system. They present a perfect ambiance and can last up to 6 hours. Additionally, you can get waterproof ones you can add to outdoor fountains such as these from Outdoor Art Pros – they look excellent and can make for a remarkable space.

A More Prominent Driveway?

house driveway

Just like something as basic as lights can enhance curb appeal, some driveway edging can do wonders as well. By installing a border, you give the driveway a more “polished” and precise look. You can use edgers like bricks, stone, and pavers, or you can combine them to create something completely out of the ordinary.

There’s nothing complex about the edging process itself. Start with removing the necessary grass where the edging will go, which will most likely be on either side of the driveway. Then you can dig into the designated area to the depth you require, in addition to 2 inches. This is for a level sand base on which the edging will be placed. Some masonry edging skills will be required in terms of sweeping sand over the top and get all the joints filled properly.

Invest In Flowers

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There are no limits as to where you can use flowers. You can have them swinging from the roof, at the sidewalk, or sprout from an antique wheelbarrow in the middle of the lawn. Flowers are powerful in giving the external side of your home a whole new dimension, and you should use it. The best part is that planting flowers are incredibly easy.

The best way to go is to visit a local nursery and find out what flowers work best with your specific climate. Not every flower you see at the nearest neighborhood garden center is necessarily capable of surviving within your climate, so do the research. Also, you might want to go with flowers that don’t require you to re-plant them every year or season.

Covering Ugly Dead Spots

There are many ways you can approach this problem, and you probably have it somewhere in your garden. In fact, it might be the patch around that robust tree. As beautiful as it may be, it requires a lot of nutrients, which leads to dead spots around it. Not to mention, these are trees that give a whole lot of shade.

One of the best solutions will be to find flowers that don’t require much and can thrive in the shade. Once you find them, plant them around the tree. Alternatively, you can apply mulch around the base of the tree. This won’t just make your garden look healthy and cover the dead spots, but it will also keep the roots of the tree moisturized. However, it’s recommended to use only enough to cover the area, otherwise, it can suffocate the roots.