8 Tips for Better Real Estate Adverts

Real Estate Adverts

Advertising your real estate business the right way is going to help it look good, get it the attention it needs and get more business – here are some more tips.

1. Local online directories. Most of the web traffic you will be getting come from the local visitors who are looking for commercial real estate businesses in their area. You should make an effort of singing your business up for Google, Maps, Yelp, Yahoo! Local.
You can consider getting a UPS box if you are an individual agent. You will be able to have a business mailing address and avoid having to give out your home address for use in the local directories.

2. Press Releases. You should invest some time into searching for the local magazines, business gazettes, and newspapers. Most editorials leave their contacts or a way you can reach them. With this information, you will be able to email them the press release. It is not hard, just send the contact a simple email that has the property details, lease or selling price, buyer or leasing business, property photo and information on the seller, etc. There are some that will be picked up, but some will not. The news flow on that week will have a large effect on whether it gets picked or not.

3. Joining valid organizations. Commercial real estate is so specialized, and this is why I recommend that you don’t sponsor, attend or join generic organizations for the “you never know” value. The good thing is that some well-known organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau are the perfect resources. Even just showing that you are a member of either of these organizations will give your customers the impression that you are more established than those who are not members. An inexpensive way of attracting new customers is sponsoring web pages and events, especially when it comes to tenant representation.

4. Sponsoring Charity. Sponsoring and volunteering under your business name is a good way of bringing new tenant representation clients. Consider donating out t-shirts that have the name of the event on the front and the name of your company on the back because it will be a great asset for long-term advertising. The average shelf-life of promotional items such as coffee mugs and shirts is about three years. Many people make the mistake of donating low-quality promo items because they are cheaper, always go with high-quality items because people will keep them. The less the quality the less time you expect it to last

5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Ranking on Google has been shown to be a great way to market your business. You should consider investing in pay-per-click advertising because it has been shown to be effective. There are a lot of resources online you can use to learn more about PPC. A good guide you should consider is the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. Make an effort to find more information before beginning the campaign.

6. Blogging. This is easier said than done. You should start a blog if you are going to provide quality content regularly. Having one paragraphs entries or generic content will not help your cause. If you are not able to write, consider hiring a freelance writer to do this for you. There are tools you can use to post automatically after a given amount of time.

7. Targeted mailers. Gathering mailing information from your visitors and customers has never been easier, especially with LoopNet’s Property Records. Building a mailing list and sending sales letters and postcards with a call to action is an effective way of gathering leads.

8. Hoarding Panels. These can be a great addition outside of new builds or large projects and can ensure your business is hard to miss. Hoarding panels cost-effective and a wise investment.

These 8 tips will help ensure your business is noticed.