Pfizer is ramping up Covid Vaccines to Canada

canada Covid Vaccine

The Corona Virus vaccine rollout is about to get a push after weeks of delays. That’s because pharma giant Pfizer is promising to deliver hundreds of thousands of doses in the coming weeks and accelerate future shipments.

Canada has secured the world’s largest number of potential Covid vaccine doses per capita – but it’s struggling to get its hands on some of those doses from Pharma companies such as Pfizer and Moderna.

After Signing deal with Pfizer, the shipment started but on an awfully slow note. Initially, Pfizer delivered small batches of doses which stopped entirely as it upgraded its Belgium facility to boost capacity. Now the pharmaceutical giant says the days of small deliveries to Canada are over. Pfizer seemingly is committed to meeting its contractual obligations and is looking to meeting the 4 million commitment by the end of March. Starting this week, Pfizer is delivering more than 400,000 doses. It’s also agreed to boost deliveries from April to June by an additional 2.8 million doses, and add an extra 6.2 million between July in August.

That’s on top of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement on Friday. Moderna, which delivers once every three weeks, shipped 180,000 doses last week — 80 per cent of the promised amount. Another 4 million additional doses of the Moderna vaccine is being secured for the summer,

In anticipation of Pfizer shipments, The Ontario government has issued a memo to the province’s regional medical officers of health spelling out who’s next in line to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The group that would be in the second wave eligible for vaccinations, includes people over 80, and all indigenous adults.