Updated – Cases of UK COVID-19 variant confirmed in Ontario and Canada

Corona Variant Ontario

In a major developments for Covid 19 pandemic, the new coronavirus variant identified in the UK has now made it into Ontario, Canada. The two cases that have been identified are a couple in Durham. They have tested positive for this new variant of COVID-19 which is causing a huge surge of infections in the UK. As of Tuesday, 53,135 new Covid cases were recorded in the UK along with as well as 414 more deaths within 28 days of a positive test. Hospitals in England and Wales are now treating more Covid patients than at the peak of the first wave in April.

The couple are currently now in isolation. An important fact reported by Ontario’s associate Medical Officer of health Dr. Barbara Yafee is that this couple from Durham who have now tested positive for the new variant have no known international travel history. They also had no exposure or high risk contacts so no known exposure or high risk contacts meaning likely no one they’ve been in contact with who have come from the UK. The new Variant of Corona Virus has already made inroads in several countries including India, Denmark, Belgium, Australia and Netherlands so Canada is now joining that list of countries where it has been identified. There is also right now, a ban on incoming flights from the UK. The ban has been extended until January 6, which was initially only for three days. All inbound international travelers have to isolate for 14 days.

The new coronavirus variant had “undoubtedly” made the situation “considerably more difficult” for Canada and the rest of the world. Preliminary research suggested the new variant of the virus was no more harmful in terms of causing hospitalisations and deaths.