Stress-free Housewarming Party and Gift ideas

housewarming gift ideas

Now that you have unpacked your stuff after a stressful house move, you should be ready for some existing time with a nice fun filled Housewarming party. Here are some tips on how you can throw a great housewarming party with your family and friends. Start inviting friends to your housewarming party by sending the housewarming invitations.

Plan well and ahead of time:

 Plan a date and time which suits everyone’s schedule. Ensure your home is neat and tidy before your guests arrive. You are trying to impress your guests, so make sure you are completely moved in and unpacked. When deciding on a date for the party, you’ll want to choose a day and time that’s least likely to conflict with your guests’ busy schedules. Plan the date so you have enough time to unpack, decorate, and clean most of the house. Figure out a date that will give you enough time to recover financially from the move. Create a budget that you are comfortable with and factor in the food, drinks and decorations. Limit your guest list to people you really want to be there and send free invites! Invite close friends and family members first and work your way into your outer group of friends from there.

Send out Invitations:

If you are sending housewarming party invitations, send at least four weeks before the party. Start inviting friends to your housewarming party by sending the BasicInvite housewarming invitations online. Basic Invite is a really good invitation website to create, save dates and send dates and invitations at a great price. The website also offers a great range of intuitive, cute, and perfectly customized change of address cards.

Outdoor Party:

A casual stress-free outdoor party is the way to go. An outdoor housewarming party is best for when the guest list is larger, and you are limited on your furniture. Encourage people to come and stay for as long, or as short, as they’d like and enjoy great company at your new home. Getting into a new home, if you don’t have a lot of furniture, you can mix and match can bring some stuff that’s inside and use it outside. You don’t have to have everybody seated on a table, it’s just a much more casual and as an anchor, you can have a buffet table and host a variety of delicious delicacies.  If the weather is right, make your housewarming party a housewarming garden barbeque. Consider what types of food the people attending would enjoy eating: for example, if one is a vegan, don’t prepare a meat-heavy selection. You can also consider hiring a professional cook or food catering company to take some of the pressure off of your party planning. If hiring a cook is not in your budget, try doing Potlucks. Potlucks are an excellent way to serve a lot of people without having to spend a ton of money. It’s a totally reasonable request to ask each of your friends and family members to bring a dish to share, and many people enjoy cooking or baking something special for these types of events. A theme-based party makes it easy to plan menus and decorations.

Individual House Tours:

 Instead of group tours, give quick, individual house tours to people as you meet them. This plan ensures that you get a chance to have a one-on-one chat with everyone at your party and they get to see your new digs!  Make them feel special with individual hour tours.

Make it fun

Your Party should be a memorable event and you can include a lot of fun stuff and activities for everyone to enjoy. If you want to offer a little bit more in terms of entertainment, plan popular housewarming party games such as Scavenger Hunt, Karaoke, Heads Up, Charades and more. These party games will keep your guests happy, entertained, and laughing all the way to the end. It will truly be a party that your guests will not soon forget.  

Guest Book

Leave a guest book by the front door and ask everyone to sign it and share their notes about the house and party. Plus, it’ll act as a piece of memorabilia for your party, and it’s a great tool for remembering who came when filling out thank-you notes!  After your party, send each guest a personalized thank you note. Find creative ways to thank your guests for coming to your housewarming party.

Be proud of your new home and your new life no matter what stage of unpacking you’re in. Housewarming parties are meant to be fun and interactive—and your guests will appreciate any effort you make in the middle of all your other hard work.

Housewarming gift ideas

For those of you who are invited for Housewarming party, you’re probably trying to figure out something original and thoughtful to gift them. It customary to bring gifts and help the new homeowners turn their house to home. Wine, Chocolates, and flowers are a typical go-to but there are several options available to make this a memorable moment. Housewarming gifts also come in the form of delicious recipes, DIY self-care packages, kitchen appliances, gardening tools or even framed photographs. Fragrant touches are one of the safest bets when it comes to gift buying. Candles make great new home gifts because they fill spaces with aromas that conjure fond memories. Regardless of a person’s style, you can’t go wrong with scented candles and diffusers. For DIYers, consider getting them home improvement Gift cards to help them with everything they need to spruce up their new home. Plants and planters are also way to go as they create an aura of freshness within the home, and the potential to spread joy. Moreover, plants come with a commitment to make every home heaven of living. For home décor, you can think

Housewarming gifts are a great way to capture the spirit of newness and help new homeowners feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place. Spending more on a gift doesn’t make the gift any more heartfelt than one that’s a bit more affordable. What matters most is that you put thought into whatever housewarming gift you decide to give.