Home improvements to make before moving to a new home

Home moving

Moving to a new home always brings excitement. Even when they find the property they would like to buy, new homeowners rarely decide to leave the new place in the condition it is at the moment of purchase. There is always a “to-do” list or at least a wish list of the things they would like to change. Some of them can be left for days and months after settling in, but some are better dealt with prior to moving day. Let’s take a look at home improvements to make before moving into your new home.

Safety first – check alarms and detectors

Checking whether the alarm systems work in your new home will only take a few minutes and they can save your lives. Safety in your home is not a game and such things shouldn’t be left to chance. Home inspections usually include this aspect and check whether the systems work properly. However, they rarely inspect the batteries. So, before moving to a new home you should change batteries in all alarms and detectors around your house, just to be on the safe side.

Fix the roof

You should never ever buy a home before doing a home inspection. Those are here to indicate the structural issues (among other stuff) that need to be dealt with so that you can live in a safe home. If the inspection shows that you have a leaking roof, you should put roof repair on top of your list of home improvements to make before moving into your new home.


Caption: Fixing the roof should be one of home improvements to make before moving into your new home

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Change flooring if necessary

The hardwood floor might be the reason why you decided to get that home in the first place, but if that is not the case and you are not satisfied with the condition your floors are in, it is better to do something about it now, before you have moved in. After you get all the moving-related help you will need and finally relocate to the home of your dreams, changing the floors will be impossible – unless you are ready to take all the stuff out again, but that would be impractical.

Even changing the carpets in the home that is already furnished can be a time-consuming and costly adventure, let alone changing the tiles or laminate.

Planning on remodeling your bathroom?

This is also one of the improvements better done sooner than later. Renovating your bathroom while living in that home can be a nightmare, especially if that is the only one in your home. If your new place comes with the bathroom of your dreams you wouldn’t change a thing in, you should still check the plumbing. 


Caption: Bathroom remodeling should be done ahead of time

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Painting is better done before moving in

If the walls of your new home are in good condition, and you have found a move-in ready home, you can consider yourself lucky. Older homes often have the wall finishes that are not so trendy and some of them are not even safe to be around. For instance, popcorn walls used to be so popular, and nowadays people tend to get rid of those even if they do not mind the way they look because they may contain asbestos and other dangerous substances. To make the walls smooth again, you will have to take all the furniture out of the room, so why not do it before you take anything in in the first place?

Something as simple as painting the interior walls is also a job that you should do before taking your possessions in. Everything needs to be moved away from the walls and protected from the paint, so the amount of work and time necessary for applying a fresh coat of paint before moving in cannot be compared to afterward. Don’t forget that by painting your interior walls while there is still nobody in the house, you will protect your family and yourself from breathing in fumes from the paint. Once your walls are at their best, make your living room curtains look new again before taking them back.

Check your air conditioning

Canada might not be the warmest country on the continent, but living without AC during summer is not so pleasant. Air conditioning systems need constant maintenance, so you should make room on your “to do before moving in” list for this inspection. Even if the AC in your new home has been serviced recently, cleaning filters is still a good idea.

Inspect the exterior doors and change the locks

If you are planning on changing the exterior doors of your home, it is better to do it before you move into it. Even if you are satisfied with the condition the doors are in, you should at least change the locks. You never know who has the keys to your home until you call a locksmith to replace the old lock.


Caption: Change the lock, just in case

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Make your home safe for kids and pets

If you have children or pets you should childproof your home before you take all of your belongings in. The safety of your loved ones matters – don’t postpone it.

Prepare your home for winter

Getting a new home is a huge investment, so you need to think ahead. Cold winter days will be here in the blink of an eye, and you will be regretting not preparing your home for them before you settled in. Summer is the best time of year for this work around the house, so put winter-proofing on the list of home improvements to make before moving into your new home this summer. Inspect the insulation, repair the windows, and change the furnace filter. By preparing your home for winter, you will save yourself a load of money you would otherwise spend on heating bills. And we all know how expensive those can get in Toronto!