Toronto Real Estate Economic and Commercial Update – Q1

Toronto Commercial Real Estate Report

TREB’s Jason Mercer goes through the latest Economic and Commercial Update – March 2015.


  1. It’s time for those Provincial leaders to come out to the media & say they are doing it beaucse of the incentives offered by the Con govt. to implement the HST harmonization – & more than once. This is ridiculous how Harper & thugs just run away from any kind of negativity towards anything they have a hand in. It’s the usual “blame the other guy” mantra. It’s so expected from the general public IS catching on, finally.

  2. Probably because there is a large Indian cntmuoimy in and around Toronto and Niagara Falls is a popular nearby vacation spot and is close enough for day trips. I think it’s mostly a proximity thing. I’m not aware of any particular cultural attraction.References : Was this answer helpful?

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