Useful Tips to Secure your home when you are away!

secure your home

Here are some helpful tips on how to secure your home while you are away. Burglers are always looking for valuable items and they would sneak into your by any mean to clean up your home of valuables. You therefore need to be extra careful whenever you leave your home locked.

Make sure you have a Security system Installed in your home. This can either be a CCTV or a door access control system which will alert you whenever someone enters your home in your absence. Via a reliable CCTV system, you can monitor your home 23 x 7 even when away using your mobile or a desktop. Security Camera Systems these days are very smart and alert you on a motion or even a sound. Likewise using an effective access control system, you get alerts when someone enters your home through the doors.

If you need your house maintenance such as Plumbing or electrical services, make sure you are dealing with a reliable and well-known company. Always hide your valuable belongings while strangers are in your home such as a plumber who is fixing something under your sink. An unknown handyman can turn out to be a bad guy who can inform their accomplishes. Since most burglars aim for cash, Jewelry & Electronics, leaving any of these items out may make it easy and appealing for them to snatch them immediately or plan it on a later stage. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all plumbers and other workers are burglars but you should always be careful. There are so many companies on the market these days who offer in-house maintenance services and some of those great hard to believe deals could turn out to be a hoax just to catch your attention. It never hurts to get acquainted with the company’s reviews before calling an electrician or plumber. You can also get recommendations from friends and family.

While leaving your home, it’s a good idea to turn on your Radio or Music to deter would-be thieves from entering. Some burglars get creative and use a landline phone trick where they call your home phone and wait for an answer. If no one picks up a phone, it means that nobody’s home. If you mute or lower the sound while leaving the home, you’ll confuse a potential burglar since they won’t hear any sound.

You can also explore the option of storing your valuable assets, wealth, and possessions in private vault storage. This will ensure your valuables such as important documents, jewelry, gold, currencies, or any valuable possessions are safe and secure out of your home. There are popular safe Vaults in Toronto you can use to secure your valuables and get complete peace of mind.

Finally, secure your home with a good reliable lock.

home lock

As per stats, it takes burglars between 90 seconds and 12 minutes to break into a home. 34% of cases in the US saw breaks ins through the front door. The locks most at risk of snapping are the cylinder ones. The most complicated locks are those that can be open with a lever key. It’s a good idea to lock your door with a pin tumbler and lever key since this combination is the most reliable. To ensure your house has the maximum protection,  get a grade 1 or grade 2 heavy-duty deadbolt lock. It’s called dead because it doesn’t have any Springs. Also never label your keys as this makes it so much easier for burglars to find and break into your home if you lose them. Also, thieves know all too well about your top secret hiding spots for keys under doormats or chair or fake rocks to name a few.

Always leave your spare key with a neighbor or someone else you trust. Your locks should be secured with longer screws. Secure locks of your door into the framing stud as it gets a lot more mass behind your door and makes it harder for a thief to break in. Get your old locks replaced by a trusted locksmith ramat gan.

These Handy tips make go long ways to secure your home. After all, you don’t want to lifelong investment to be taken by someone in a jiffy. Secure your home and get peace of mind when leaving!