Why do you keep playing the Lottery?


Dr. Wendy Walsh told CNN in an interview, “People love to have a rescue fantasy. We have the Cinderella obsession — there’s a fairy patroness who’s going to come in and rescue us.”  

We have all the arithmetical data that our chances of winning the lottery are one in a hundred of millions. It is the same as if someone avoids rain because he will be struck by lightning as according to the statistical data, the chances for someone to be thumped by lightning is one in 3 million. Knowing all that, we keep on playing. But Why?

Reason can be no perturb and profound love with the hope of winning millions. People waste their whole life searching for the Lottery with the best odds of winning. This is an addiction -there is no way back, not even after succumbing for many years and money.

According to an appraisal and rough reckoning, 30% of the American population purchases lottery tickets, and that is worth $70 billion annually. Isn’t that a notable number?

One other reason for that significant number is the change in society and the increasing number of disempowerment because of change, and I am not talking about women’s disempowerment -disempowerment in general causes the hesitancy about the future and quick big money seems to be hope. Deep down, most of us know that it is more of an errant decision, but the hope of winning is always there.

What if you win a lottery? Will addiction be rectified?

It’s like drugs, once you get into this, not only do you keep on doing that but also with a more strong shot every next time. Winning a lottery makes the Lottery more seductive. It makes you feel that you know the Lottery with the best odds of winning. But when the smoke of this winning lottery chaos settles down, you found yourself broke.

The fun part is that mostly the poor people go through this lottery addiction -people who are wrong in money management or at least making it. According to a study, the people addicted to Lottery consider the cost to profit ratio of a single ticket, rather than spending the wholesome they spend on lotteries the whole year.

Under an experiment, it was evaluated that most people purchase lottery tickets because they are cheap -cheap that anyone can take the risk. But once it becomes an addiction, you invest not only a significant sum of your income in lotteries over the year, but also your emotions.

In the end, I would like to say that, buy the lottery tickets or not, it’s your choice, and it has no guarantee that it is going to make you financially stable. But what I can emphasize that always make the best money management, because that will surely make you financially stable, not quickly but definitely.

Because if you win the Lottery, you should have money management skills to manage that, or you will end up spending it on more lottery tickets or your dream car that you will not be able to afford in the next few months.