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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Property


If you’re new to property investment or even if you’re a seasoned expert, it’s easy to make mistakes. There are plenty of different scenarios out there that can turn what was originally a well thought out investment with strong returns, to a huge liability that loses you capital.

This short guide below aims to outline and give advice to people planning to invest in the property market or enter any form of buy-to-let scheme. There are a number of horror stories out there of people who made the following mistakes and instantly regretted them.

Using a well thought out plan and strategy you can avoid some of the bigger mistakes that others have already made before you.

Not Researching Correctly

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of property investors make is not doing the correct research, whether if it’s because its not deep enough or incorrectly conducted this can have a huge impact. Lack of research or correct research can result in the potential purchasing of a property with fundamental and irreversible flaws. It doesn’t matter how amazing your newly purchased and improved student accommodation is if your cities University only has 1000 students enrolled it won’t matter.

You have to think about this as a long-term investment, which is what it is, but one that isn’t 100% secure. Many people fall into the trap of thinking that investing in the housing market is a dead-certain way to get a strong rental yield and that they’ll instantly start making money, no matter what.

Taking the time to do in-depth market research is so important. Not only can you avoid future problems but, you can potentially find the best deal for your money.

But it’s not just those new to property investment that can get caught out. Even people who have been in the game for years can grow comfortable and overlook some minor details that turn out to be really important later on down the line.

All this being said, sometimes the best option is to get an expert opinion. There are plenty of property experts up and down the country, however, if you are new to property investment or working with a smaller budget, the north east of the UK is a good place to start. Properties in the north east are currently some of the cheapest in the country with strong returns on investment.

Here are some starting points of research to help get you started:

  • Prices of other properties in both the immediate and larger area.
  • The average time it takes to sell a property in that area.
  • How many properties in the area are vacant or uninhabited? Is there a government scheme to fill these houses?
  • Surrounding businesses, are there any that might cause you problems or give the house additional value?
  • Check out any nearby planned construction projects

Making Emotionally Charged Decisions

An easy mistake to make for those new to investing in property. You might personally love a property because of how it makes you feel, or you see the potential it has for your own personal uses during ‘void’ periods when it has no tenants.

It might just seem like a harmless benefit to buying the house but, in fact, if you become emotionally invested in a property it can be hard to walk away if the numbers don’t make sense. You have to make the conscious decision that this is primarily a financial investment and anything else it might bring is an additional extra.

Whatever you do, avoid investing in ‘potential holiday homes’. These have poor yields and require huge amounts of maintenance. Feel free to buy one for personal use but, don’t confuse this with a promising buy-to-let property investment opportunity.

Not Taking into Consideration your Own Personal Circumstances

Never, ever bite off more than you can chew. Property investment takes a lot of work and overestimating how much work you can put in on a regular basis can be hugely detrimental. If you plan on leaving the country in the future and becoming an expat then property investment might not be the best idea. While retiring over-seas and living off of the proceeds might seem appealing, you need to be in the property’s immediate vicinity in case of problems.

There is no problem with investing in a property a few hours drive away, so long as you are comfortable keeping an eye on it from a distance. Tenants, especially if you are investing in student property, are more likely to treat your property with more respect if you show that you are going to be personally hands on and pro-active in its upkeep. Building a relationship with your tenants can go a long way, they might even recommend others to your property once they leave.

Even if you have a professional service or estate agent responsible for sorting out any property issues, personally contacting the tenants goes a long way. It also gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on any agent you might be employing and make sure they are doing the job properly.

If you fail to take your personal circumstances into consideration, then the above might not be possible. While this might not seem like a huge issue, it does put you at a huge disadvantage and opens the door for any profit you make from your investment to slowly bleed away through various avenues you are unaware of.

Strategise your Financial Plan

This might seem like it should fall under the ‘Not Researching Correctly’ section but, this is, in fact, a whole other mistake that people make. You could do all the research under the sun on the property you want to invest in, it won’t matter if you don’t have enough money to see the project all the ay through to the end.

Like with anything, property investment has a huge number of unexpected costs that you can never prepare for. If you budget directly to the T without consideration for the future or any possibly occurring issues, you’re going to be in big trouble.

Sit down with an expert and go over your financial plan. Some of the best buy-to-let projects come with huge arrangement fees and hidden costs, it’s important you arrive as prepared as possible.

You need to be able to allocate money for all your monthly mortgage payments with an annual fund allocated to fixing any problems that might arise. Just don’t be greedy, if you need to, invest in a cheaper property that you can securely finance rather stretching yourself to thin with something more expensive.

Know the Potential Problems with Buy-To-Let

Staying up to date with the news is essential. You cannot afford to be lazy when it comes to being aware of changes to the law or property market that might impact you. If you get caught unawares in the middle of a market crash or miss a minor change in the law, it could be monumentally catastrophic.

Make yourself aware of the things you should be keeping an eye on in case you need to cut your losses and sell up quickly. Additionally, things like mortgage rates are certainly needed to be taken into consideration, what would you do if mortgage rates rose? How will you handle things if you can’t find a tenant for a while?

These are problems that, while might impact you financially, need to have practical solutions. Sit down and come up with potential solutions to all of the could-be problems that might occur.

You can read about all the rules to do with tax here.

Bedroom Decor For Improved Sleep


The bedroom is the most important place inside of your house.  It is your retreat and haven where you can get away from all of the mania and stress that comes with a hectic day.  However, have you considered your decor much and how it may help to improve your relaxation and rest?

So many people neglect their bedroom design and instead focus on making sure they have state-of-the-art appliances in their kitchens or getting their reception areas spruced up to the perfect state.  After all, it is only a place for you to sleep, right?  Wrong?  It is essential that your bedroom is pleasant and peaceful. 

One of the most critical things that contributes to a healthy lifestyle is sleep. It keeps us happy and alert, reduces stress, and extends our lives.  We could go on and on about this.  So what can be done in order to give your bedroom decor that added touch?  The following are five tips to help you sleep better at night. 

Symbolism can really be miraculous

Symbols promote certain triggers inside of the brain and have been known to induce national and collective pride, fanaticism, and even cause entire countries to go to war.  The same principle may be applied to sleeping well at night.  For children, these symbols may include things like a bedtime storybook or cuddly stuffed animal on their nightstands.  For adults, it may include peaceful pictures on the walls, Indian dream catchers, or comfortable pillows.

Dreamcatcher decor

The quality of your sleep can be boosted by getting peaceful iconography incorporated into your bedroom decor. 

Selecting the right color

Is a bright red ceiling really something you want to stare at while trying to fall asleep?  This color denotes danger, violence, and anger.  Instead choose a more soothing color like subtle yellow shades, light blue, taupe, peach or green. The hues inside of your bedroom need to create a serene and restful sanctuary.  You should preferably feel airy and fresh during the summer and warm and cozy during the winter. 

Select the right bed and mattress 

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and it should look the part.  Having the wrong sleeping surface will cause major problems for your back.  Keep in mind the benefits of sleep that we discussed, and remember that you will not be receiving many of those benefit if you suffer from aches or continuously wake up in the middle of the night.  Don’t skimp and make sure to give yourself the chance to get the best sleep with a Stearns and Foster mattress.  There are some excellent websites such as Top Mattress that can provide you with guidance along with reviews and useful information.

Get rid of the TV

Your bedroom is primarily a place for you to sleep and isn’t an extension of an office or family room. Devices like laptops, smartphones, and TV emit like that alter the natural light sense of the body, and effect your circadian schedule. A flat screen might barely be notice, but a nice photo or painting will look a lot better on your wall.  You will also get a lot more reading done, and improve your language skills and knowledge while falling asleep at the same time.   

Light a fire

Install a fireplace if you would like to splurge a little.  It not only exudes coziness and warmth, but the right fireplace will provide your space with a nice romantic vibe.  The crackling sound of wood and dim light can be very relaxing.  If you think it is too dangerous to have a real fireplace at night, then you can always get an electric one instead.


Keep these tips in mind when you are getting ready to redecorate your house since the bedroom is the most important room of all.  Having the right decor can have a significant impact on how you sleep. If you can get it right it will also influence how you wake up the next morning.  So say goodbye to your grouchiness and hello to the new sharp and happy you.

6 Must-Know Rules Of Packing Items For Self-Storage

Move Happy to your new home

Packing everything away is essential irrespective of the reason for moving house or the office. Your belongings should be handled with care because they can be of financial or sentimental value. Regarding the packing, putting away your things into boxes can be a daunting task. As such, people will try their best to spend the least time possible packing. The following tips can help make the process a less hectic and more organized.

1.    Stock Up On Packing Supplies

You will need to have enough packing supplies to help you store everything away in readiness for relocating to a new office or home. For starters, you will need containers to put in your stuff, and these can range from boxes of different sizes to empty plastic containers. You also will need to have bubble wrap, foam peanuts, a marker pen, newspapers, furniture covers and packing tape.

The boxes and containers should have a strong built, able to hold whatever is in them without them splitting. Avoid using plastic bags to store or protect your items unless it is to shield them from getting wet suggest Yes Storage, a company that provide box storage Hong Kong. Also, ensure that the boxes are dry to keep mold and mildew from developing. Above all, visit any of our stores if you need more packing supplies.

2.    Organize Your Items And Label The Boxes

Ensure that you sort your belongings before packing instead of randomly throwing things into the same box. Have a box for fragile items as you also group together similar stuff so that they go in the same box. That means you can have kitchen items put in exclusive containers that are then label accordingly. The same goes for your stationeries, small equipment, and clothing. Use a marker to write on each box what it holds inside. It is not easy to remember which items were put where especially if they were stored away several days before the relocation into a new premise.

3.    Be Careful When Packing Delicate Items

When it comes to packing your most priced items that are delicate, then you need to spend more time reading them to be stored away. Use bubble wrap to cover glasses, china, and fragile ornaments individually. Consider using a box that will hold these items and then include the foam peanuts for added cushioning. Do not forget to mark their boxes so that it is clear the contain delicate things and which is the right way up for them to be stored and carried during the relocation trip.

Other items such as books, some utensils such as pans, and small furniture may not be breakable but can endure damage. Such things should be pack carefully. For instance, place the book flat and stacking them on each other so that you avoid bending their spines. Cover the crockery with newspapers before putting them in boxes and then add some foam peanuts before taping up the container. Use a hanging wardrobe box for your clothes.

4.    Avoid Overloading The Boxes

While it may sound wise to try and save on costs of storage space and packing supplies by cramming many belongings into one box as possible, this can turn out to be a costly mistake. It exerts so much strain on the storage container and increases the risk of damaging your items. Moreover, overloading the boxes makes them bulky and difficult to carry.

At times, you may not overload the box, but you may notice it bulging at the sides; this is a sign that the items do not fit in it and you need to get a bigger box. Ensure the storage container has a flat and well-secured base and have its top flat when you close and run the packing tape over to seal it so that you can stack the boxes on of each other during transport. Ensure the stuff in the box are not too cramped nor too fee that they move about inside the container. You can use something soft and light, such as foam peanuts or newspapers, to fill up the gaps and secure the items in the boxes.

The rule of thumb is to pack light. Have heavy items in small boxes and reserve the large container for the light things such as linen, pillows, and clothes.

5.    Disassemble Your Furniture

Take apart the large furniture items such as the bed and tables that you can disassemble so that they take up less storage space. Keep their bolts, screws, nuts, and washers of each furniture together in an individual bag and then place that in a secure box or take it to the frame of the table or bed.

6.    Clean Before You Store

When we talk about cleaning, it applies to everything – from the kitchen utensil and appliances to clothes, furniture, drapes, rugs, and linen. Storing them with dirt increase the risk of them developing mold or mildew. Also, ensure the storage spaces and boxes are clean and dry so that your belonging are be kept for a while and not produce a nasty smell due to dampness or dirt.

How much does it cost to replace a roof in Toronto?


Let’s get to the point: the cost of a shingle roof on a typical bungalow will normally vary between $4,000 and $5,500 and that of an average cottage between $5,000 and $7,000. A flat roof will cost a minimum of $7,000 for a 1000 ft. area.  Although this represents a significant investment, a damaged roof can cause damage and have much greater financial consequences than the cost of replacing it, which are usually not covered by insurers. It is therefore usually more economical to carry out this renovation as soon as it is due rather than waiting for it to cause damage.

The price of a roof repair can vary greatly depending on different elements such as the slope of the roof, the type of materials used, the surface area, the temperature and finally the roof structure. Here we present you with the average costs according to the type of roof and materials as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Asphalt shingles, the cheapest option

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common and are often chosen during roof repairs because of their low cost, which is much lower than other types of roofs. Its variety of colors, finishes and therefore style also makes it very popular and allows you to modify the appearance of your home.”After a lot of roof repairs in Toronto, I can assure you that asphalt shingles is a cheap option”, says Mike from Devis Roofing Toronto. The life span often varies depending on the weight of the asphalt shingles, but it is very common to be offered a warranty ranging from 20 years to a lifetime. New generation asphalt shingles should be more resistant to the effects of time and sunlight. 

To get your asphalt shingles through our sunny winters and summers, proper ventilation in the attic is the key. The sun is an enemy for this type of roofing because the intense heat dries out the oils in the asphalt and weakens the material. Adequate ventilation can reduce shingle heat in summer and moisture accumulation and ice formation in winter.

Finally, for the cost, asphalt shingle roofs are the cheapest and you need to count $3.15 per square foot at least, which represents a starting price of $4,000 for a typical bungalow to hope for a job well done. 

What is the price of a TPO or EPDM roof?

This material is actually a synthetic rubber that has a high resistance to the sun’s rays and is perfectly resistant to our winters. Its lifespan is more than 50 years and is very ecological, from its manufacture to the end of its life. This type of roof is available in white, which reduces heat capture. Compared to other types of oil-based roofs, EPDM roofs are often considered to be the least polluting and most durable.

On the negative side, the fact that it is single-layer can make it more fragile, the cost is somewhat high since the installation is very specialized and the joints can weaken over time. The cost is between $7.50 and $9.50 per square foot and the life span is 25 to 35 years.

DIY VS. Pro: Typical Costs of A Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Reno

Bathroom Reno

Everyone has their own vision of a dream bathroom: big Jacuzzi tub, double vanities, shower big enough for… a karaoke party (?), heated floor tiles. Whatever your dream bathroom consists of, it’s doable – it’s only a matter of how much it costs. Aside from a kitchen reno, remodeling a bathroom is one of the priciest, not to mention most complicated, undertakings that many homeowners attempt to tackle what with a variety of confusing building codes and the like.

If you are considering a bathroom renovation, we applaud your ambition and are hoping we can make the upcoming project run a little smoother for you. When the bathroom reno’s go wrong, it’s usually because of one thing: it costs more than expected. To help you avoid this, we have outlined all of the typical costs of a bathroom renovation – so you know what to expect before you’re ankles deep in debt and lacking a functioning bathroom.

The Main Expenses

  • Hiring A Contractor

The first major decision you’ll have to make is considering if you’ll hire a contractor or not.

Yes, hiring a contractor will cost you – but if you are planning a full-scale remodel of your bathroom, the potential for even costlier mistakes is rather high. Bathroom reno’s are not simple (unless your talking a fresh coat of paint and new shower curtain). Undertaking such a large project without a professional is risky.

Of course, every contractor and every job is different, so for this one you will have to contact the contractor for a quote. 

  • Retiling 

A simple retiling of the floor or wall can make your bathroom look like a totally different room.

While brand new, top quality tiles can run upwards of $150 per square meter or higher, you can often find sample tiles, end of stock tiles, or simply discounted tiles for pennies (well not actually pennies, but maybe $20 per meter square, which seems like pennies compared to $150 per square meter). 

  • Purchasing A New Tub, Toilet, or Vanity 

Obviously if you are remodeling your bathroom you are going to want to upgrade the main stars of the room.

Of course, as with anything, the cost of these pieces is going to vary greatly depending on the style, quality, brand, etc. that you chose.

A typical bathtub can be as cheap as $300, but if you have your eyes on that stand-alone, deep-soaker, jet tub, you may be looking at closer to $8,000 (or more – but we aren’t judging you because honestly we all dream about having a tub like that, am I right?)

A toilet will run you an average of $200 for your basic toilet – and we don’t see the need for anything fancier than that… considering what it’s going to be used for.

The cost of a new vanity will depend on the size, fixtures, etc., but a basic vanity can cost you no more than $100. Of course that dream vanity you saved on Pinterest the other day may run you upwards of $1500. It may also benefit you for us to note that the vanity is one of the best spots to utilize your DIY skills and revamp it with a $30 can of paint.

Happy Reno’ing!

As you can see, the costs associated with remodeling your bathroom can vary, making a new bathroom quite possible for those working with any budget range – it all depends on what you are upgrading and how fancy your tastes are.

Whether you are on a tight budget and are simply making some easy, aesthetic upgrades or are going all the way with a full on remodel, a bathroom renovation (a successful one) is a great way to increase the value (and potential sale price) of your home. And if you aren’t selling – well hey, you spend time in their everyday, may as well make it beautiful as well as functional!


Sellers, Don’t Forget the Home Inspection


Home bidding

As our housing market enters a healthier balance, sellers no longer have the luxury of bidding wars and all-in offers, which have no conditions attached. Some sellers are now encountering the nasty surprise that the offer they thought they had accepted is not actually the offer they will get. This is because most offers made by buyers today are conditional on a home inspection. When the dust settles, and the other buyers have already left the table, some buyers will use this opportunity to renegotiate, using even minor items uncovered during the inspection as an excuse.

So, is the answer do away with conditional offers all together? Well, that’s not really possible if you want the best price. However, a pre-sale home inspection can go a long way in stacking the negotiations in the seller’s favour. For this article, I sat down with Orangeville’s home inspector, Gabor Makula, to better understand the importance of a pre-sale home inspection, and how this can prevent sellers from getting into the pitfall of shady renegotiations.home inspection



Gabor shared with me one of his encounters. Meet the Collins family, their grandmother unexpectedly passed away and the family was left to sell the family home. The house required a little work, but nothing major. However, due to the stress of her passing, the family really just wanted to get things finalized. There were three offers received on the house, the two highest were less than $5,000 apart. On paper, both had the same conditions, conditional on an inspection. Therefore, they went with the higher offer. Only to find a week later that the buyer wanted to offer $20,000 less due to “items” found during the inspection. By that time, the buyer with the second highest offer had already moved on.

“When the market tips more in the buyer’s favor, there is less incentive for buyers to close the deal. Items uncovered during a home inspection can sometimes become the scapegoat for renegotiation. I always recommend my clients to get a pre-sale home inspection, because it is like insurance to prevent this sort of tactic. Once done, I usually sit down with the owners and their realtor to go through the major and minor items, and a sales strategy” says Gabor.

“Depending on the issue, it can either be easily corrected or simply disclosed to buyers. The important thing is to negotiate while all buyers are still at the table. This way, the winning bidder cannot use these issues as bargaining chips later in the game.”

“If time permits, it also makes sense to fix some of the issues. Sometimes even structural items that can seem like a big issue, such as a cut joist, can be corrected relatively easily by supporting both sides. Buyers will often make a big deal about things like that and how much it would cost to fix, when the solution is actually quite inexpensive. Finally, when the buyer sends you their inspection report with a list of complaints, you also have your own inspection report written by a certified home inspector to refer back to.”

All these tips made a great deal of sense to me, pre-sale home inspections should really be a standard industry practice, especially if it can hedge against potential shady renegotiations. For further information, you can visit Gabor, the Orangeville Home Inspector, at his website www.orangevillehomeinspector.com.

Article by Philip Payton


Save money with metal roofing materials for building

metal roofs for home

metal roofs for home
Saving expenses from utility bills in summers are toughest of all. Every summer you witness a drastic increase in your electricity bills because of the use of extra appliances to lower down the temperature of the rooms. Instead of purchasing new appliances like air conditioners, you can find a way where you don’t have to spend much money and it will stay with you for even a longer period of time. What if you get hold of a solution which will not only decrease your electricity bills in summers but also in winters as well.

Metal roofs can help in reducing the temperature in summers and also heat up your rooms in winters. One simple solution can reduce your summer and winter costs. It is easy to install which don’t require complete renovations because the thin and light layer of metals can be installed on top of your roofs. The reroofing will save up to 40 percent of your bills and expenses. Additionally, metal roofs are long-term and need no renovation for almost 50 years rather regular roofs need to be renovated after 20 years because of cracks or deformities.

While selecting metal you will come up with many types of metal roofing such as aluminum roofing, zinc roofing, steel roofing and copper roofing. Steel roofing is the most reliable and cheap form of metal roofing. Steel is basically an alloy made from iron and other materials. It is effective and is used for multi-purposing. The best thing which distinguishes it from others is that it can re be recycled again and again. Steel roofing is easy to access and purchase as well. For this purpose, it is always better to use corrugated steel roofing.

There is always the danger of metal being rusted. To prevent that metals are coated with Zinc, Aluminum or other essentials. Galvanized steel is used to prevent steel from rusting or corrosion. A layer of melted zinc alloys is introduced to the steel through the process of galvanization. It is the most common form of steel as it prevents it from corrosion for a longer time. PPGI is pre-painted galvanized iron which protects steel from rusting. It’s better to use Corrugated Galvanized steel roofing because it is more consistent as they are placed in a linear corrugated pattern. Pitch and depth of these corrugated sheets need to be similar.

While reroofing or corrugating steel roofs, certain things need to be considered:

  • Chose a considerate roof of metal roofing as it requires a specific pitch when installed.
  • If you find any cracks or rafters on your roof then you need to consider your architecture as the roofs are designed to carry a certain weight.
  • If your roofs are suitable enough to carry the weight of metal then opt of reroofing instead of disposing of your existing roof.

Turnkey Income Property Providers in the U.S

turnkey income property providers in the U.S

Have you been looking for better investment opportunities?

Maybe like me, you’ve been looking for investments that offer more value, good returns, reasonable safety, and don’t require taking big risks.  We invite you to discover one of the highly trusted companies for turnkey income property providers in the U.S. Imagine having access to completely hands-free, done-for-you, fully rehabbed rental properties with entry prices starting around $50k. Our properties offer promising cash flow, a full-service tenant placement, and ongoing property management.
Annual returns average 12% and above. We help give real estate investors the unfair advantage when it comes to real estate investing. So, if you’re tired of the wild ups and downs of the stock market, if you’re looking to diversify, or just need your investments to start providing stable, reliable income month after month, then a turnkey investment is exactly what you’re looking for.

Turnkey is an investment method that generates reliable returns and true passive income in today’s markets.If you’re tired of the wild ups and downs of the stock market, looking to diversify, or just need your investments to start providing stable, reliable income month after month, then a turnkey investment is exactly what you’re looking for.
Give me a call, or drop me an email with the best time to reach you.
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Experts in Canada Professional Search – Toronto, BC and Alberta

experts in canada

experts in canada

ExpertsInCanada.ca is your #1 resource to find experts and professionals in your area. Currently, we are providing experts in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. As the months go on we will be adding many more industries and trades. Currently we have experts for Real estate agents, Property Managers, Realtors, Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer and Contractor. We will be adding new industries each month. Although both memberships allow you to be searchable in our database, the featured membership is seen on right column of all sub-pages on website. You receive 70% more clicks and views when featured.

Become a Professional Expert Member in our database allowing potential customers to view your profile and contact information. Membership cost is per month and is charged on the first of the month. Here is what you will receive with our professional expert membership:

• A complete bio about you and your company
• Your profile image or company logo
• A link to your website
• Your contact email address
• Your company address
• Facebook link to your social media account
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• Google Plus link to your social media account
• Option to add your articles to our blog area

The difference between Basic and Featured Membership



Although both memberships allow you to be searchable in our database, the featured membership is seen on the right column of all sub-pages on the website. You receive 70% more clicks and views when featured.


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Other services we provide our members include:

real estate site

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Automatic Window Shades and Blinds for your Home & Commercial Space


Anyone considering new window treatments for their home or business should investigate installing motorized window shades or blinds. While they might seem intimidating at first, their benefits outweigh the initial investment while also improving the quality of the space. It does not take long to figure out why these blinds and shades are gaining fans with ease.

What Are Motorized Window Blinds and Shades

Motorized blinds and shades are the next step in window treatment technology. They are treatments hooked up to an internal motor, often allowing them to be operated from a remote location. This offers homeowners a number of different benefits which will be discussed below. Everyone can take advantage of the most basic functions or completely revolutionize their home with these treatments. They also come in a number of different kinds and styles, so that everyone and anyone will find an option that works perfectly for them. These motorized shades are the way of the future.

Reasons to Fall in Love with Motorized Window Blinds and Shades

There are a number of reasons to consider motorized blinds. Every space has its priorities and the chances are good that their benefits fit with one of yours:


One of the best things about motorized shades is the convenience that they offer. They can be operated by the touch of a button from anywhere in the building, and sometimes even outside of it; some of these shades can be controlled by smartphone applications, which make dealing with the shades as easy as can be. By having easy access to their operation you can take advantage of all the benefits which they offer, including energy efficiency. Many even have the option to program a schedule for the shades, meaning that you can let them operate on their own after the initial set-up.


Energy Efficiency

We already mentioned that motorized shades offer the option of programming a schedule for them to open and to close. Many homeowners and businesses with commercial motorized solar shades will set a schedule according to the room’s peak hours of sunshine. This allows them to act autonomously throughout the day and so you do not have to keep track of the time. Some even are able to track and respond to the intensity of light and temperatures within the room thanks to sensors. This is an easy way to help reduce temperatures throughout the house. It reduces greenhouse effects in the summer, which in turn reduces the need for air conditioning.  Alternatively in the winter the opposite might be desired. Either way, motorized solar shades are the best option for large windows if energy efficiency is a concern.

Smart Technology

There are other smart gadgets which can further enhance the functionality of smart shades. Smart thermostats for instance, can be used in conjunction with the shades in order to assist in figuring out the times when the building is hottest. A schedule can then be planned around this, or even have the shades directly respond to it.

 The Safe Option

When we’re talking about shades for houses in particular, traditional curtains and blinds can pose safety concerns to households with young children and pets. They are controlled by cords which are a choking hazard; they are often listed as one of the top forgotten hazards in the home. Not to mention, long cords can trip anybody walking by, children and adults alike. Motorized shades  on the other hand do not require cords thanks to their remote controllers. By removing these cords from the home, it automatically becomes a safe environment for everyone there.


While extra security might not be the first thing on your mind when purchasing these blinds,

Outdoor Shades

The reasons to include solar shades on the interior of you business or home is clear, but it is also sometimes a good idea to include them on the exterior. Motorized solar shades used on the exterior is a fantastic option for sunrooms in warmer climates with minimal rain. These shades manage to block out the majority of the heat before it even reaches the windows. This gives you even more control over the energy efficiency within the space. They also help to preserve the furniture within the room, especially if there are bright colours present. After all, it is no secret that the sun has a way of bleaching vibrant colours.


Don’t hesitate when it comes to motorized window treatments! They are the right decision for any home thanks to the features they offer. From saving money and  increasing convenience to reducing safety hazards, there is no reason to not install these new and exciting treatments.